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London Market Claims 2017

London Market Claims 2017
Driving and enabling modernisation

12th October 2017 | 8 Fenchurch Place
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London Market Claims focuses on claims’ role in modernisation and delivering better client outcomes

London has a renewed urgency to modernise in the face of increased competition in the global insurance market, changing client expectations and rapidly developing new technologies – presenting claims with a unique strategic opportunity.

Successfully responding to these challenges is critical if London is to maintain its position as the no.1 market for specialist and commercial (re)insurance – the question is how can claims lead not follow on modernisation, and be London’s key differentiator in a new globalised market?

It’s time for claims to step up by designing and implementing a claims strategy that provides real improvements for clients, delivers efficiencies in the value chain and builds sustainable competitive advantage.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • With claims currently outside the LM TOM how does the function positively respond to the challenges in London Matters 2017
  • The impact of the Single Agreement Party Claims and CSRP
  • Effectively handling delegated authority claims
  • The role of technology, data, analytics and AI in driving strategic change in claims
Insights from the pre event survey

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Sponsors & exhibitors:

Speakers include:


08:00 Registration & Coffee

09:00 Keynote Presentation

CEOs perspective: overcoming key challenges and grasping opportunities within the London Market

  • Implications of disruption to the traditional value chain from new ventures, alternative capital and globalisation
  • How is this impacting distribution and the role of the insurer and broker?
  • Modernising London’s insurance market to compete in the future – talent, culture, technology and efficiency
  • The role of claims in driving strategic change and meeting changing client expectations
Steve Hearn
Ed Broking

Claims 2022: are we at a tipping point?

Ben will present the results of this year’s pre-event report conducted with key stakeholders from across the market

The 2017 Insurance Network & Gracechurch Report

  • How will the London market develop in the next 5 years
  • What are we striving to achieve? key ambitions for insurers, brokers and the role of claims
  • Will disruption witnessed in all other industries and markets impact London in a similar way?
  • Are the modernisation developments happening now going to be enough to ensure a positive future?
Ben Bolton
Founder & CEO
Gracechurch Consulting

10:10 Panel Discussion

Overcoming practical challenges to improve claims performance

Our expert panel will respond to the strategic themes raised in the opening presentation and the results of the pre-event survey. Questions will also be taken from the audience and discussed by the panel.

Steve Hearn
Ed Broking

Ben Bolton
Founder & CEO
Gracechurch Consulting

Geoff Godwin
UK Chief Operating Officer

Chris McTear
Insurance Manager
Tideway & AIRMIC Insurance Steering Group

10:45 Coffee & networking in exhibition area

11:15 Streamed Sessions

Please select one of the following streams to attend. Each features two practitioner presentations designed to stimulate debate and allow benchmarking during the round table discussions that follow.


Successfully delivering

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Creating a claims centric culture to improve client outcomes

Devising and implementing a claims strategy that meets future client and business needs

Fiona Sperry
Head of Claims & Global Specialty Claims
Sompo Canopius

Transforming claims to reduce costs, deliver an exceptional claims service and stay competitive

Phil Daly
Head of Transformation - Commerical Claims
Zurich Commercial (UK)

Followed by a round table discussion

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Leveraging AI and machine learning within claims

CASE STUDY: overcoming the practical challenges of automating claims

Dean Witherington
Head of Performance & Transformation UK Claims

Followed by a round table discussion

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London Market

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Is TOM delivering value for money & the correct pace of change?

Modernising London through the LM TOM: driving engagement and positive change

Adrian Thornycroft
TOM Programme Director

Allen Bruce
Head of Change Management

Followed by a round table discussion

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13:00 Lunch & networking in the exhibition room

14:00 Discussion sessions

Delegates select one of the following discussions to attend.


Technology & digital: threats & opportunities

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Will technology drive innovation and change or be the markets death knell?

As we stand on the brink of the '4th Industrial Revolution' can we embrace the fundamental change it will bring?

This session will explore both the art of the possible as well as the capabilities needed to successfully exploit new technologies and where the impact will be most keenly felt.

Paul Willoughby
Head of IT Strategy, Innovation and Architecture

Craig Foster
Connected Home Director

Simon Gregson
Chief Information Officer
Novae Group

Followed by feedback & Q&A

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Improving claims

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Achieving client centricity and operational efficiency

Efficiency and customer service need not be mutually exclusive. But how do you overcome the practical challenges to improve claims performance and client outcomes?

Miles Banks
Chairman, Global Claims Executive
Willis Towers Watson

Mike Gillett
Head of Claims
Liberty Syndicates

Followed by feedback & Q&A

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Single Claims Agreement Party Clause and the CSRP

This session will explore the progress being made to modernise claims specifically the single agreement clause and CSRP. The discussion will also focus on how to achieve future modernisation that meets the ‘London Matters’ challenges.

Is it working and how will it impact claims?

Sam Drysdale
Head of Claims & Delegated Underwriting Management

Lee Elliston
Head of Claims Operations

David Henderson
Vice President, Division Claims Manager EMEA/Asia Pacific
FM Global

Followed by feedback & Q&A

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15:00 Coffee in the exhibition room

15:20 Afternoon workshops

Please select one of the following workshops to attend. Each features a 20 minute case study presentation followed by round table discussion


Leveraging data and
analytics to drive better
claims outcomes

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Using data to improve risk modelling, pricing and the client claims experience

Tim Pitt
Director of Data, Analytics and Pricing
XL Catlin

Followed by a round table discussion

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Full session details »

Overcoming the system, process and technology challenges to improve claims performance

Andrew Sellers
Group Head of Claims Supplier Management

Followed by a round table discussion

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Full session details »

Rethinking delegated authority claims to improve the Coverholder / insurer relationship

Sarah Newman
Support Services Director
Endeavour Insurance Services

Followed by a round table discussion

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16:20 Move to next session

16:30 Closing Panel Discussion

Securing London's future

Will London still be the largest global centre for commercial and specialty risk in 2022 and beyond?

The London Matters report highlighted a number of challenges the market faces particularly in reinsurance, emerging markets and diversity in an increasingly global and competitive insurance market. Questions remain around the speed and effectiveness of modernisation, “this latest intelligence confirms that things are not improving and we cannot afford to be complacent.”

Couple these fact based challenges with new rapidly developing technologies, changing client expectations and a risk adverse culture the key question remains: is there a burning platform and enough appetite to drive change?

Our expert panel will discuss:

  • Will Brexit impact the London Market and claims?
  • How do we attract the next generation of talent and leaders?
  • Where next for modernisation within the London Market and what is the role of claims?
  • What would a post digital London market be like to work in? Who would want to work in it?
  • Is technology really the answer to everything?
Simon Gaffney
Chief Data Officer
Willis Towers Watson

Ben Bolton
Founder & CEO
Gracechurch Consulting

Jasmine Shell
Marketing Executive & Digital Minds Think Tank Member

Steve Parry
Director of Claims, Europe and Eurasia & Africa

17:30 Networking drinks reception

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