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London Market Claims 2017

London Market Claims 2017
12th October 2017 | London

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In the face of the changing market after Brexit and of changing client expectations the need to find the value in claims and improve on this to maintain London’s position as the no.1 market for specialist and commercial re/insurance is bigger than ever.

How will organisations foster a claims strategy that delivers real improvements for the clients and the business while creating a competitive edge?

The London Market Claims conference will look at building agility into the claims area through different means to deliver customer propositions and improve business performance.

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08:00 Registration & Coffee

09:00 Keynote Presentation

Can a direct deal model work within the London Market?

This session will look at how the market would fare if we were to set up a body that would handle all claims without brokers having to get involved? The body would act a as a direct deal facility for the insured and would be a centre of excellence for claims.

  • How would this work in a specialist market?
  • How will this affect everyone in the value chain?
  • What are the benefits of implementing this model?
  • Is this a credible proposal and if so why has the market not already moved to this model?

Q & A

10:45 Coffee & networking in exhibition area

11:15 Streamed Sessions

Please select one of the following streams to attend. Each features two practitioner presentations designed to stimulate debate and allow benchmarking during the round table discussions that follow.



Is TOM delivering value for money & the correct pace of change?

Would introducing claims as an integral part of the TOM again improve the rate at which the claims area is improved?

Followed by a round table discussion


Automating claims

Leveraging AI and machine learning
within claims

How will the new technology that is coming into play within the market such as IoT and AI, provide organisations with a competitive edge?

Followed by a round table discussion


Successfully delivering claims

Creating a claims centric culture to improve client outcomes

Claims is the moment of truth for clients so it is critical create both a client and claims focused culture within the organisation/ market.

Followed by a round table discussion

13:00 Lunch & networking in the exhibition room

14:00 Panel discussions

Delegates select one of the following panel discussions to attend. The sponsor opens with an introductory presentation of 8-10 minutes, setting the scene for 3 industry speakers speaking for a similar time. The sponsor also facilitates (and contributes to) the Q&A that follows the presentations, and closes the session with a summary of key points.



Will technology drive innovative change or be the markets death knell?

As we stand on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution can we embrace the fundamental change it will bring?

Followed by feedback & Q&A


Improving claims performance

How can client centricity enable efficiencies within the organisation within claims

When it comes to efficiency and customer service, it is not necessary for one to be achieved without the other. By working on client centricity, efficiency within the business should in turn improve as well.

Followed by feedback & Q&A


Market modernisation

Is it time to rethink Central Services Refresh Programme?

The CSRP has been put in place in the attempt improve the London Market by transforming back office systems and processes.

Is it working and how will it impact claims?

Followed by feedback & Q&A

15:00 Coffee in the exhibition room

15:20 Afternoon workshops

Please select one of the following workshops to attend. Each features a 20 minute case study presentation followed by round table discussion


Leveraging data and analytics to drive better claims outcomes

Overcoming the legacy challenges and developing the right skills and capabilities to understand the role that data can play in improving the client experience.

Followed by a round table discussion


claims operations

As organisations move from being product focused to client centric the way we need to think about claims systems and processes needs to change.

The challenges is improving both the client experience as well as gaining efficiencies.

Followed by a round table discussion


Developing an agile
culture of innovation

Culture and behavioural change is one of the biggest challenges facing claims leaders – but it is one of the important in building progressive, agile organisations.

This workshop will explore how to successfully manage change, enable innovation and high performance.

Followed by a round table discussion

16:20 Move to next session

16:30 Closing Panel Discussion

How will Brexit impact the London Market claims area?

With the market moving into an uncertain state with Britain’s leaving the European union, it is important to discuss the effects this will have on insurers and in particular on claims.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Will uncertainty in the market increase premiums for customers?
  • How will regulatory changes impact claims?
  • With less competition will insurance prices go up? If they do will customers expect more from the service?
  • Will there be any benefits from leaving the EU on claims?

17:30 Networking drinks reception


London Market Claims through the years

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