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Stump Up For Trees (SUFT) is a small, community-led charity planting a million trees in the Brecon Beacons area to provide multiple ecosystem services including carbon capture, biodiversity creation, natural flood management and landscape connectivity, as well as benefits to human health and well-being.

TIN is supporting SUFT by paying for the planting of trees: we will plant a tree for everyone who registers on certain events. If you see the SUFT logo you know you will be planting a tree if you register for that event.

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The pilot plant at Bryn Arw will be circa 100,000 native broadleaf trees planted on a 64 hectare section of deep bracken, part of the common land that covers the summit and flanks of Bryn Arw, a low hill on the eastern edge of the Black Mountains, 4km North of Abergavenny, within the Brecon Beacons national park.

In a Herculean feat Keith Powell has cut the Welsh words DAW ETO DDAIL AR FRYN and STUMP UP FOR TREES into the bracken to promote the project. Clearing the bracken is the first and essential step in planting a forest. The Welsh words mean 'There will be leaves on the mountain again'. The sentence references an uplifting line of poetry made popular across Wales during lockdown – ‘Daw eto haul ar fryn’, which means ‘There will be sunshine on the mountain again'



Please contact Phil Middleton at TIN if you would like to discuss sponsoring SUFT. Phil is working on a pro bono basis to facilitate corporate sponsorship.

Corporate sponsors can either make donations to the charity in general, or can choose to sponsor a plant: the million trees will be planted in a number of plants of different sizes in different locations across the Brecon Beacons. Sponsors can choose to fund one of these - meaning your company would be responsible for planting its own forest.

That is a legacy any insurance company should be proud of.

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Phil Middleton

0207 631 0034