The TIN team

Jeremy Burgess

Born in the midlands, quickly removed to Denmark (where I gained my blond hair) I then returned to Cardiff before spending my formative years in the north west 

Before launching The Insurance Network with Phil, and stints as a conference producer at Osney Media and World Trade Group, I was a chef, park ranger and sports ground line-marker. 

I am responsible for putting together the conference agendas and looking after the relationships with our speakers and advisory boards. I also have overall responsibility for finance, the day to day management of the business, running the Maidstone office, and mitigating Phil's impact on all of the above.

Today, as an international man of (little) mystery, I’m consumed by tennis (a new hobby), cycling, football (an old one), cars (generally fast and shiny), food and wine. On days off I follow orders from my family and enjoy misquoting film lines.

Phil Middleton

I co-founded The Insurance Network with Jeremy in 2005. I look after the relationships with our sponsors, and run the Ludlow office where Cole and Marcello are also based.

My twenties were spent in Jakarta DJing and running club nights and nightclubs, where Trainboy was born. My thirties saw me in London working in multimedia, web design and learning the conference trade at Osney Media, where Jeremy and I first crossed paths. 
In 2012 I moved to Ludlow in Shropshire so my 2 young girls could grow up in the country, and opened the Ludlow office. In 2017 we escaped the local business park and we are now happily ensconsed above a very good restaurant. Despite all of that I do still miss lunch in London.

Hobbies and interests include DJing (Trainboy lives!), cricket (I skipper the Ludlow Nomads CC - sponsored by The Insurance Network), taming the garden and enjoying my food and wine. Especially cheese. And wine. 

Kayleigh Pitt

I joined The Insurance Network in November 2012 as an apprentice and became Head of Marketing in 2014.

I work with Jeremy in the Maidstone office, and I manage all the marketing processes from creating & executing outgoing marketing communications and designing event collateral to building and maintaining the website & apps.

I like creating something from nothing, the success of a project well delivered and producing beautiful things on a limited budget (a must when Jeremy holds the purse strings).

I love to explore & travel and strive to strike a balance between responsible adult & fun-loving child. I have an eclectic taste in music & love going to festivals & concerts.

I also meditate, practice yoga & pilates, enjoy a good spin session, boxercise & aqua aerobics. I have been known to create my own cocktails too.

Marcello Ditoro

Before joining The Insurance Network in 2013, I ran my own business in London, worked as an estate agent and a sales consultant.

I work with Phil and Cole in the Ludlow office. It’s my job to find the best people to attend the events, and to make sure the right people know about them. I find new attendees, but also work with existing members and previous delegates to make sure they are getting the most out of the network.

I like the energy surrounding a new event, the challenge and reward of finding 'the right people' - and convincing them that's what they are - and following the latest developments in insurance.

I am a proud father, an avid supporter of AC Milan, and a keen photographer. I regularly beat Phil at tennis and my Golf is definitely faster than Cole’s.

Cole Fellows

I joined The Insurance Network in 2015, and I work with Phil and Marcello in the Ludlow office. I currently look after all things data related (and there’s a lot of them), and have responsibility for accounts and credit control…as well as IT. I suspect I do the things no one else wants to do...

Prior to joining the TIN team, I worked in a high-end jewelry and watch boutique where I developed an expensive liking for luxury watches.

To stop myself buying timepieces I also enjoy clay pigeon shooting and paintballing, mastering the Art of The Barbecue, and all things technology. I live in a quiet countryside village, which is home to the first community owned pub in Herefordshire, which I am duty bound to support.

My Golf is the fastest.

Kevin Doherty

I joined TIN in 2014 as an apprentice and became Event Manager in 2015. I now fulfil this role alongside my own business running The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show, one of the leading male consumer events in the UK.  

I look after event logistics for both delegates and sponsors, and manage the relationships with our venues.

I love seeing the concept, planning and hard work of a conference come together on the day and I thrive on attention to detail and the challenge of co-ordinating all the moving parts of an event like TINtech.

I’m an avid Arsenal fan, a movie buff and a decent snooker player in my spare time. I’ve also recently rediscovered my passion for playing Golf and am currently striving to become capable of actually playing a round.