The TIN Team

Jeremy Burgess

Born in the midlands, quickly removed to Denmark (where I gained my blond hair) I then returned to Cardiff before spending my formative years in the north west 

Before launching The Insurance Network with Phil, and stints as a conference producer at Osney Media and World Trade Group, I was a chef, park ranger and sports ground line-marker. 

I am responsible for putting together the conference agendas and looking after the relationships with our speakers and advisory boards. I also have overall responsibility for finance, the day to day management of the business, running the Maidstone office, and mitigating Phil's impact on all of the above.

Today, as an international man of (little) mystery, I’m consumed by tennis (a new hobby), cycling, football (an old one), cars (generally fast and shiny), food and wine. On days off I follow orders from my family and enjoy misquoting film lines.

Phil Middleton

I co-founded The Insurance Network with Jeremy in 2005. I look after the relationships with our sponsors, and run the Ludlow office where Cole, Marcello & Oscar are also based.

My twenties were spent in Jakarta DJing and running club nights and nightclubs, where Trainboy was born. My thirties saw me in London working in multimedia, web design and learning the conference trade at Osney Media, where Jeremy and I first crossed paths. 
In 2012 I moved to Ludlow in Shropshire so my 2 young girls could grow up in the country, and opened the Ludlow office. In 2017 we escaped the local business park and we are now happily ensconsed above a very good restaurant. Despite all of that I do still miss lunch in London.

Hobbies and interests include DJing (Trainboy lives!), cricket (I skipper the Ludlow Nomads CC - sponsored by The Insurance Network), taming the garden and enjoying my cheese and wine. Especially cheese. And wine. 

Cole Fellows

I joined The Insurance Network in 2015, and I work with Phil, Oscar and Mike in the Ludlow office. I currently look after all things data related (and there’s a lot of them), and have responsibility for accounts and credit control… as well as IT. I suspect I do the things no one else wants to do.

Prior to joining the TIN team, I worked in a high-end jewelry and watch boutique where I developed an expensive liking for luxury watches.

To stop myself buying timepieces I also enjoy clay pigeon shooting and paintballing, mastering the Art of The Barbecue, and all things technology. I live in a quiet countryside village, which is home to the first community-owned pub in Herefordshire, which I am duty bound to support.


Oscar Lywood

I joined The Insurance Network in July 2018, working within the data department as a Database & Data Research Executive. I’m based in the Ludlow office, working alongside Phil, Cole and Mike.

Prior to joining TIN I worked as a cabin host in Lapland which then led to a season in the French Alps working as a chalet host, and my love for skiing.

In 2020 I joined the sales team as a Sales Executive, while continuing to work closely with data department. I’m enjoying taking on more responsibility, while learning new areas of the business and dealing with the challenges that come with it.

As we put COVID behind us and slowly return to in-person events I look forward to catching up with familiar faces and once again bringing everyone together to discuss issues that affect the industry.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, loving all things mountain biking, fast cars and - most importantly - skiing.

Ian Wilson

I joined The Insurance Network in November 2021, and I work with Jeremy in the Maidstone office. I help put together the conference agendas through research as well as produce the events from end to end.

Prior to joining The Insurance Network I was working and studying at the University of Worcester where I got a degree in Marketing, Advertising and PR. I worked for the Events Department and Accommodation Department at the university.

After finishing university I interned at various companies in different industries from tech recycling to entertainment venues, before landing in a commercial insurance company's finance department.

Outside of TIN I create oil paintings, exercise a little with indoor rowing, I read, and obsess over cheap coffee.

Mike Dodson

I joined The Insurance Network in November 2021, and work in the Ludlow office with Phil, Cole and Oscar. I'm the Marketing Manager, keeping the website up to date, and creating the visuals we use for conferences - from emails to videos to sponsor banners.

My career started in copywriting, moved into editorship, and thence to managing the design team for a multinational megacorp.

I originally hail from Somerset, accidentally spent a couple of decades in London, where I met my wife, and we moved to Ludlow in 2021. I am also a photographer, and sometimes I sit behind musicians, hit things and make a noise.