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Leveraging automation & AI in the London market
Transforming the client journey and achieving operational efficiency
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Intelligent process automation within insurance – moving beyond RPA
Overcoming challenges to transform operating and business models
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Past breakfast briefings


Improving underwriting performance through automation & AI
Overcoming the operational and technology challenges
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Successfully automating document-centric processes
Overcoming the technology, legacy and data challenges to enable automation that improves customer service and achieve efficiencies
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Transforming the Customer Experience
Developing an operating model that creates a richer customer journey, delivers better customer outcomes and drives engagement
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Achieving digital transformation in personal lines insurance
Overcoming the practical challenges to enhance the customer journey, drive up engagement and improve business performance
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Robotics, AI and machine learning in insurance
Understanding operational implications to drive business performance.
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Automating Finance Operations
Overcoming the practical challenges of automation, AI and machine learning in insurance
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Enabling AI and machine learning
Overcoming the IT and operational challenges to deliver ROI along the automation journey.
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Achieving better segmentation in general insurance
Moving from being product focused to a segment driven business structure.
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Achieving digital transformation for insurers
Building the IT and organisational capability to deliver digital
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Achieving customer centricity in the digital age
Unpicking the people, process and technology challenges of digital
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Automating claims processes
Achieving straight through processing of claims to improve business performance and customer service
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2016 and previous

Achieving a single view of the customer
Overcoming the practical barriers to transform engagement, improve service and drive up retention
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Increasing speed to market & enhancing product innovation
Overcoming the operational challenges to achieve agility in pricing, product development and distribution
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Meeting digital customers’ expectations
Devising effective sales and distribution strategies for 2021
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Enabling Digital Transformation in Insurance
Meeting changing customer needs and building deeper, trusted relationships
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Delivering an Effective Omni-channel Strategy in 2020
Having an effective omni-channel strategy is critical if insurers are to meet changing customer service expectations, enable customer engagement and grow market share. However many still have significant people, process and technology challenges when delivering a successful channel strategy that is truly customer centric.
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Connected homes and implications for insurers
Preparing for the opportunities of connected homes
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Creating an effective and efficient customer centric experience
Aligning marketing, communications and operations
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Effectively using robotic process automation to improve efficiency and agility for insurers
Using new tools to drive quicker decision making
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Connected devices, data and the technology implications for insurers
Handling and leveraging increased data volumes to transform customer service and drive profitable growth
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Modernising core systems for a digital world
Staying ahead of rapidly developing technology and changing customer expectations is a top priority for insurers as they search for innovative ways to streamline processes, improve customer service and retention.
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Delivering a successful customer-centric omni channel strategy to drive customer engagement
In an increasing complex insurance landscape, delivering a cost effective marketing strategy that drives both top line growth and customer engagement is the key challenge facing insurer CMOs.
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Overcoming the data challenges to become customer centric
Achieving a single view of the customer that improves customer experience, retention and business performance
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Leveraging insights from data & analytics to fight insurance claims fraud
New sources of data, ongoing advances in analytics and data visualisation provide a range of new tools for insurers to detect fraud at both the point of sale and during a claim, in real time. Better fraud detection improves loss ratios.
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Moving from legacy to digital
Digitising business processes is a top priority for insurers as they move towards more agile, responsive and efficient operating models to meet changing customer expectations.
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Transforming customer communications in an omni channel digital world
Engaging customers through effective in-bound and out-bound communication management
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Overcoming digital pricing and distribution challenges for personal lines insurers
Effectively transforming rating and pricing platforms to reduce fraud, profitability and agility
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