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TINtech 2016

The UK's leading technology strategy conference
25 expert speakers | 16 interactive sessions | 300 delegates
14th June 2016 | Grand Connaught Rooms, London

“Technology and digital strategies are the biggest driver of future success or failure”

Technology driven change, innovation and disruption is sweeping across the industry, presenting huge opportunities to enable more efficient, customer-centric systems and processes. As digital transformation challenges existing value chains it has never been more important for directors from across business functions to devise, implement and maintain an effective technology strategy – in partnership with IT.

Attend the sector's leading technology strategy event to discover how increased connectivity, enhanced data analytics, automation and digital customer interaction can deliver profitable growth and competitive advantage within your business.

Join over 300 of your industry peers to discuss:

  • Delivering a customer-centric strategy to meet rising expectations, drive engagement and improve retention
  • Enabling digital transformation across the organisation to uncover efficiencies and create competitive advantage
  • The impact of the next wave of digital disruption, the latest InsurTech innovations and explore Blockchain & IoT applications
  • Ensuring your technology strategy deliveries ROI now and provides an agile platform for future growth



Now is the time to ensure your technology strategy delivers



08:00 Registration & Coffee

09:00 Keynote Presentations

Introduction by the chair: Indro Mukerjee, CEO,Watchstone Group PLC and CEO,Hubio

Digital vs human: how the relationship between technology and people will change our lives

  • What do we want these technologies to achieve on our behalf?
  • As they transform the media, the economy, healthcare, education, work, and the home — what kind of lives do we want to lead?
  • The implications for the way organisations and people work


Richard Watson
Futurologist, Writer and Scenario Thinker
Now and Next

Richard Watson is a futurist speaker and scenario thinker who helps organisations to analyze emerging growth opportunities and risks. He will present his vision of the transformative impact of technology on society to trigger a discussion with our panel and the audience.

CIO perspective: the role of technology to win in a changing insurance landscape

  • The strategic challenges facing the industry – achieving profitable growth, improving customer engagement and service
  • The ever increasing role of technology plays in driving and tackling these issues
  • Overcoming the legacy challenge - creating and delivering a transformation strategy that delivers the right organisational capabilities following the merger
  • A vision for the future insurance landscape and the CIOs role in achieving it


Martin Henley
Global Chief Information Officer
XL Catlin

Overcoming the strategic challenges of enabling ‘digitalisation’ and innovation

  • Driving the digital strategy to deliver customer-focused solutions across the business
  • Effectively using an incubator methodology to develop innovative new offerings that add value to the customer
  • Creating an innovative environment and culture where new ideas can be nurtured
  • Effectively using an incubator methodology to develop innovative, new offerings


Gordon Henderson
Digital & Innovation Director

Sponsored by: Hubio_web

10:45 Morning coffee

11:15 Streamed Sessions
Delegates select one of the following streamed sessions. Each session features a case study presentations and will be followed by round table discussion allowing you to benchmark with your peers.

Stream 1 - Personal Lines

Chaired by:
Nick Richardson, Duck Creek Technologies

Sponsored by:


Steven Zuanella
Chief Digital Officer
Zurich Insurance Group

Paul Wishman
Group eCommerce Director


Disrupt or be disrupted: driving innovation and challenging traditional business processes

Digital has moved from being a technology to update your website to underpinning business models that disrupt industries. What’s next for insurance?

  • Developing great digital propositions
  • Preparing from a technology, operations and people perspective
  • Effectively and purposely disrupting business as usual

Paul Wishman, Group eCommerce Director,LV=

Achieving digital transformation: overcoming the customer and business challenges

Digital has moved from being a technology to update your website to underpinning business models that disrupt industries

  • Developing great digital propositions and achieving efficiencies
  • What do the mobile and social trends mean for insurer self-service and customer engagement?
  • Overcoming inertia from the senior team by ‘talking their language’

Steven Zuanella, UKGI Chief Digital Officer,Zurich Insurance

Stream 2 - Commercial Lines (SME & MID Market)

Chaired by:
Rene Schoenauer, Guidewire

Sponsored by:


Stuart Booth WEB
Stuart Booth
Director of Digital
RSA Group

Guy Pantall
Head of Product Innovation and Investment - Global Transaction Banking
Lloyds Bank


Digital 2.0 and the disruptive implications for commercial lines

  • The challenge of driving digital across the insurance value chain through new systems and existing legacy
  • The need to fundamentally rethink how we approach customers, products and service
  • Principles of design led thinking and the benefits for insurance: moving away from being tech-centric to design-led
  • Driving internal disruption to uncover key innovations

Stuart Booth, Director of Digital,RSA Group

EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE: The impact of technology on SME distribution in commercial banking

  • Drivers and the tipping point for change in the banking sector
  • Effectively digitising traditional business processes to meet changing customer demands
  • Overcoming the technology, process and cultural challenges
  • Key learnings for the insurance sector

Guy Pantall, Head of Product Innovation and Investment - Global Transaction Banking,Lloyds Bank

Stream 3 - Lloyd's & London market

Chaired by:
Steve Reid, Xuber

Sponsored by:


Justin Emrich
Chief Information Officer
Atrium Underwriting

Ian Fantozzi
Group Chief Operating Officer


TOMorrow: building the future target operating model

  • The opportunities and threats of rapidly developing technology and business models
  • Is incremental change to modernise existing systems going to be enough to meet the challenges in 5 years’ time?
  • How do we effectively challenge market processes to drive innovation?
  • Finding and developing the next generation of business and technology leaders to inspire change

Justin Emrich, Chief Information Officer,Atrium Underwriting

Driving efficiency and creating a sustainable innovation environment to enable rapid, relevant product development

  • Rethinking the traditional hierarchical business models
  • Building a culture of innovation
  • Removing red tape to allow innovative projects
  • Failing fast and learning the lessons

Ian Fantozzi, Group Chief Operating Officer,Beazley

Stream 4 - Successfully delivering IT transformation

Chaired by:
Mike Smart, Business Development Director,Majesco

Sponsored by:


Michael Gould
Chief Operating Officer
Talbot Underwriting

Linda Cooke
EMEA Head of Digital
Chubb Insurance Company of Europe


A new approach to aligning people, process and technology to deliver successful change

  • Changing organisational culture to allow for new technologies and ways of working
  • Key criteria for successfully engaging employees
  • Creating an agile culture that can embrace future change
  • Avoiding common pitfalls that can add time and costs to IT implementations

Michael Gould, Chief Operating Officer,Talbot Underwriting

CASE STUDY: Overcoming key operational and cultural challenges to effectively use agile methodology to deliver change

  • Getting the principles of agile right from the start
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of a federated verses centralised IT cycle
  • Where can an agile scrum deliver organisation benefits?
  • Lessons learned in using agile to develop ongoing collaboration between IT and business stakeholders

Linda Cooke, EMEA Head of Digital,Chubb Insurance Company of Europe

13:00 Lunch in the exhibition room

14.00 – 15.00: Panel Discussions
Delegates select one of the following five panel discussions, each featuring brief presentations followed by audience Q&A.

Panel 1 - Technology, innovation & disruption

Chaired by:
Michael Boucher, RDT

Sponsored by:


Serge Taborin
Global Digital Innovation Director

Oliver Werneyer
Customer Technology Manager
Swiss Re

Freddy Macnamara


Leveraging technology to drive innovation and change

It’s known that insurers and intermediaries need to innovate to meet the challenges of a digital world – the key challenges is how? Our expert panel will explore their approach to innovation and the implications of the next wave of technology disruption.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How do you create innovation in a risk adverse environment?
  • How do you move away from operational innovation into strategy innovation?
  • What is the governance model that allows the ‘right’ innovation to succeed?
  • How does IT drive change and innovation with the business?

Panel 2 - Transforming Operations & Policy Administration

Chaired by:
Richard Walker, Sapiens

Sponsored by:


Tim Yorke
Chief Operating Officer

Robert Wagstaff
Head of IT & Change, UKGI CIO

Hans Evers
Chief Operations Officer
Cigna Insurance Services


Becoming more customer-centric and efficient

This panel discussion will explore the key challenges of modernising core systems & processes – and how you overcome them in an effective way.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Transforming legacy to become more customer centric
  • Delivering insurance as a service: the next inevitable step or temporary fad?
  • Using design thinking to challenge traditional processes and systems
  • How do you create a ‘fail fast, learn quickly’ environment?

Panel 3 - Claims Technology

Chaired by:
Chris Thomas, Capital Capture

Sponsored by:


Ibi Moghraby
Head of Claims Strategy Customer Experience

Geoff Godwin
UK Chief Operating Officer

John Muir
John Muir
Managing Director of Technical & Operational Practices
Willis Towers Watson


Harnessing the power of technology to drive up claims service

Claims technology provides a massive opportunity to improve customer service whilst also reducing costs and fraud. This panel discussion focuses on the practicalities of using claims technology to achieve better customer outcomes.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What is the next stage of transformation for claims?
  • Using claims technology to enhance engagement
  • Can claims data fundamentally transform customer interaction – from the reactive to the proactive?
  • Effectively using AI to improve fraud detection

Panel 4 - Digital Customer Engagement

Chaired by:
Richard Holling, Target Group

Sponsored by:


Tim Buchanan
Digital Director

Guy Knight
Interim Marketing Director

Ben Spencer
Group Chief Information Officer


Achieving digital transformation to engage customers

Insurance is behind the curve in terms of leveraging digital to deliver a service that engages and retains customers. Our panellists will present their vision for achieving customer engagement, the key challenges and who will be the winners and losers.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How is technology changing customer expectations and creating opportunities for insurer interactions?
  • Getting the basics right in delivering a good customer journey through multiple channels
  • How will IoT, wearables and connected devices change insurance propositions and enable customer engagement?
  • Understanding what digital transformation really means for the organisation

Panel 5 - The 'Internet of Things' revolution

Chaired by:
Neil Thomson, Insurance Strategy Director,Hubio

Sponsored by:


Gareth Howell
Managing Director, Direct & Retail Partnerships
AXA Insurance

Ian Stewart
Director Channel Sales and Propisitions, Smart M2M

Steve Jay
Head of Innovation


How will IoT change the insurer / customer relationship?

As the world embraces connected devices and the data they provide, there is a real opportunity for insurers to better understand risks, reduce claims and develop a new service offering. But how will these technologies develop and what will be the impact on the insurer / customer relationship?

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How will moving from 4.9 to 50 billion connected devices by 2020 impact the industry?
  • Coping with the level of data this will generate
  • Keeping pace with changing buyer behaviour

15:00 Coffee in the exhibition room

15:20 16:20: Workshops
Delegates select one of the following workshops. Each session will be followed by round table discussion allowing you to benchmark with your peers.

Workshop 1 - Blockchain and smart contracts

Gary Nuttall
Managing Director,Distlytics
& former Head of Business Intelligence,Chaucer Syndicates Ltd

Steve Webb
Partner - Banking & Capital Market Consulting

Sponsored by:


The potential for insurance: where are we and what can we learn from already live implementations?

  • The potential for Blockchain to change the way we transact
  • Experiences from establishing a user experience built on the Blockchain: using Blockchain technology to register and transfer IP with less friction
  • What could decentralised autonomous organisations look like and how will they enable peer-to-peer insurance?
  • What are the current technology limitations and how will they be overcome?
  • The opportunity and implications of MDL / smart contracts for insurance

Round table discussion

Workshop 2 - Effectively leveraging cloud technologies

Nick Turner
Award Winning Data Mastery & Analytics Expert, Enterprise Data Architect

Sponsored by:


Overcoming operational practicalities & cultural inertia to leverage the power and efficiency of cloud

  • Building a business case for non-IT directors: overcoming security concerns, reducing costs, handling disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Building the capability to offer ‘insurance as a service’
  • Moving from in-house operations to cloud based systems
  • How do you maintain cloud to leverage the agility and cost saving benefits?

Round table discussion

Workshop 3 - Modernising core systems

Carys Lawton-Bryce
Head of IT & Business Change
CNA Hardy

Chaired by:
James Mills, Tmax Soft

Sponsored by:


Tackling legacy systems to drive efficiency and competitiveness

  • Overcoming the challenges of legacy systems that are a barrier to achieving the digital enterprise
  • Establishing which systems can be evolved and enhanced
  • Balancing risks and benefits of replacing a system
  • Building a project team, driven by the business, to ensure successful implementation

Round table discussion

Workshop 4 - Delivering an omni-channel strategy

David Enwright
Head of Digital and CRM
Euler Hermes

Chaired by:
Daryl Henwood, Hitachi Solutions

Sponsored by:


Delivering an effective customer–centric channel strategy

  • Managing the tension between digital and popular but costly traditional channels
  • Key criteria for delivering an excellent customer journey that improves engagement, retention and NPS
  • It’s more than just technology – changing the culture of the organisation
  • Where next for mobile, social and the call centres?

Round table discussion

Workshop 5 - Robotic process automation

David Nichols
UKGI Chief Operating Officer
Zurich Insurance

Chaired by:
Sanu Samuel, Mphasis

Sponsored by:


CASE STUDY: Leveraging data locked in legacy systems to deliver the digital strategy

  • How robotic process automation can help Insurance firms to create competitive advantage
  • How has this enabled the digitisation of processes?
  • Overcoming RPA adoption challenges and getting organizational buy-in
  • ROI in terms of improving the customer experience and efficiency

Round table discussion

16:20 Move to next session

16:30 Closing panel discussion

Is this the end of insurance as we know it?

Introduction by the chair: Indro Mukerjee, CEO,Watchstone Group PLC and CEO,Hubio

The hype verses reality of InsurTech, digital disruption and innovation in the industry

Hailed as either the saviours of the insurance industry or the disruptive force that threatens traditional industry dynamics, InsurTech, digital disruption and innovation are the topics of the moment.

Millions are being spent by insurers and venture capitalists to find and fund the next innovation – but are start-ups and innovation labs the best way for insurance to modernise?

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What is the fundamental problem InsurTech is trying to solve?
  • What can be learned from other FS sectors?
  • Can innovation be driven from within the industry, or has the digital boat sailed?
  • Overcoming a risk adverse culture to inject some risk taking into organisations
  • Is the flood of capital into InsurTech reminiscent of the 90s Dot Com boom and bust - or is this different?


Constantin Beier
Aon Inpoint, Chief Operating Officer

Gareth Wharton
Chief Technology Officer

Robin Merttens
Technology Innovation Adviser

Sponsored by: Hubio_web

17:10 Networking drinks reception


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Constantin Beier
Aon Inpoint, Chief Operating Officer
AON Inpoint
Constantin Beier
Constantin is Chief Operating Officer for the global activities of Aon Inpoint, a dynamic data & analytics based consulting subsidiary of Aon plc. Previously Constantin was CEO of the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics in Dublin and he still serves on the board of the Aon Centre for Innovation & Analytics, Singapore. From 2008 to 2010 Constantin was COO for Aon Nordics in Oslo, Norway, after starting up Aon’s professional services business in Germany between 2004 and 2007. At the start of his career he worked as an Attorney at law for the corporate law firm of Hengeler Mueller, Dusseldorf. He holds a “Dr. jur.” from the University of Heidelberg.

Panelist for closing panel discussion »


Geoff Godwin
UK Chief Operating Officer
Geoff Godwin
Geoff joined AIG in 2008 and has been in the General Insurance market for over 22 years in various claims handling and leadership roles.

He has led a number of different teams and has also had responsibility for the set up and management of the claims shared service centre in the UK. He went on to lead the Claims Department for the UK & Ireland.

Most recently he has moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer for the UK. This has oversight of all service delivery functions for the UK and includes Claims, Operations, Facilities, IT, Change Transformation & Finance Business Partnering. He also provides support to the UK MD.

Prior to AIG, Geoff worked at a number of different Insurance Companies including Travelers Insurance Company in a variety of claims leadership roles and is a Graduate of the Institute of Legal Executives.

Panelist for panel discussion 3 »


Guy Knight
Interim Marketing Director
Guy Knight
Guy Knight has been working as Interim Marketing Director at Marmalade since February 2015, continuing a career in financial services already covering the insurance, investment banking, stockbroking, and retail banking sectors. His responsibility at Marmalade includes all aspects of marketing and PR, with a particular emphasis on digital marketing given the demographic of Marmalade’s 17-24 year old customers. Marmalade's use of telematics insurance gives Guy a particular insight into how this technology can change behaviour for the good.

Guy has held a variety of Marketing, General Management and Board positions within UK and international companies including The Share Centre, Hiscox Insurance, Deutsche Bank, Charles Schwab Corp, Credit Agricole, The Mortgage Corporation and Nationwide Building Society.

Panelist for panel discussion 4 »


Ian Fantozzi
Group Chief Operating Officer
Ian Fantozzi
Ian joined Beazley in 2003 and was appointed Group COO in July 2011. He is responsible for all of Beazley’s IT, outsourcing, procurement, office space, facilities, project management, and underwriting & claims operations. Ian first joined Beazley as an IT Programme Manager, then moved to Marine in 2006 as Operations Manager. In 2008, Ian became Head of Underwriting & Claims Operations for the UK & Non-US offices. Ian has worked in the Insurance sector for over 15 years, and has degrees in Economics and Computation.

Speaker for stream 3 »


Ibi Moghraby
Head of Claims Strategy Customer Experience
Ibi Moghraby
Ibi Moghraby has been at Allianz for 9 years, having started his career at Allianz as a corporate management trainee graduate in Retail, he is now head of claims strategy and customer experience.
Focusing on developing Allianz’s claims strategy is Ibi’s speciality. This involves being part of the claims management board and providing leadership and direction to steer the strategy forward.

Previous to this role, Ibi was the managing director of Allianz Business Services Ltd (ABSL) and has played a key role in implementing a broker partnerships arrangement and leading several significant projects.

Panelist for panel discussion 3 »


Justin Emrich
Atrium Underwriting
Justin Emrich
For over 31 years in the London Insurance market, Justin has held both Underwriting and IT roles. He started his career at RJ Kiln before joining Beazley in 1986. After 14 year there he went on to spend 5 years as an e-Commerce consultant with Wildnet developing trading platforms before returning to Lloyd’s with Atrium in 2006 where he is now CIO.

He is passionate about modernising inefficient processes and systems, and is actively involved in driving forward not only projects within Atrium, but also on the broader stage in the London Market, and represents Atrium on a host of Market Committees including the LM TOM.

Speaker for stream 3 »


Oliver Werneyer
Entrepeneur, Startup Co-founder, Innovation Manager
Swiss Re
Oliver Werneyer
Oliver Werneyer is the Customer Technology Manager at global reinsurer Swiss Re. He is responsible for driving innovation projects both locally and globally, with special focus on customer experience, customer engagement and insurance technology as well as developing new concepts that aid the integration of technology, new processes and concepts in the insurance industry as a whole. Oliver has more than 10 years' experience of working with innovation, technology and data through roles in product development, marketing and technical actuarial at major (re)insurers in South Africa, United Kingdom and now Swiss Re (Switzerland).

Oliver is also a widely interviewed and published expert on topics relating to insurance innovation and technology. He is also himself also an avid entrepreneur at heart who started his own company at the age of 16 and has continued to be highly involved in the start-up market throughout.

Panelist for panel discussion 1 »


Steven Zuanella
Chief Digital Officer
Zurich UK
Steven Zuanella
Steven is Zurich’s Chief Digital Officer, with responsibility for Zurich’s digital transformation. Steven's role is to put digital at the heart of Zurich’s business and stretches from strategy development to sales & marketing effectiveness, new business models and greater efficiency. Together these aim to deliver a consistent, world-class digital experience for Zurich customers.
Steven joined Zurich from Bupa from where he was responsible for their global digital propositions and the creation of a digital centre of excellence to drive best in class customer experiences and business performance. Prior to this, Steven had a number of senior roles at Prudential at Barclays PLC, including interim Online Banking Director for the retail bank, where he oversaw the rapid development of its digital assets and capabilities.
Steven lives in Surrey with his wife and two children and travels frequently to his home town of Florence in Italy. He enjoys travelling, cooking (Italian of course), keeping fit and investing in property.

Speaker for stream 1 »


Tim Buchanan
Group Digital Director
Tim Buchanan
Replacing teletext with webpages, building ISA e-comm offers, launching online customer self-service and restructuring customer engagement in Latin America from off to online, Tim has been involved with digital since 1996. A First Tuesday survivor with 20 years of digital buzzwords to share, Tim has worked client and agency side across multiple sectors. Since Oct 2015 Tim has been focused on optimising the customer digital experiences across Hiscox.

Panelist for panel discussion 4 »



Indro Mukerjee
CEO,Watchstone Group PLC


Indro Mukerjee
Indro joined the Watchstone Group as CEO in Sept 2015. He has previous Board level leadership experience in corporate multinational, new venture and private equity backed fast moving technology and industrial companies.

Indro led the creation and also became CEO of Hubio, a new technology brand bringing together Watchstone’s proven technology for telematics, Usage Based Insurance, connected vehicles and enterprise insurance systems.

Prior to joining Watchstone, Indro launched FlexEnable, a leader in flexible electronics technology for wearables and sensors, which was created from the transformation of Plastic Logic where he was as CEO.

His earlier career included being CEO of C-MAC MicroTechnology, a private equity backed LBO from which three market-leading businesses were created and sold; several executive board positions with Philips Semiconductors BV, including Executive VP global marketing & sales and CEO of Automotive business unit; commercial director of VideoLogic during IPO and senior management positions within Hitachi’s European semiconductor division.
Indro is a member of the Board of Sector Skills Council for UK science, engineering & manufacturing technologies and is the founding Chairman of the UK Electronics Skills Foundation.

Indro has a degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University, is a graduate of the Wharton Advanced Management Program and speaks several European languages.

Chairperson for keynote presentations »

Chairperson for closing panel discussion »

Key contributors to TINtech

The insurance industry's leading technology strategy conference - give their thoughts on the critical issues facing the industry.

What you thought of TINtech 2015

More than 286 senior insurance executives attended TINtech on 16 June 2015. A significant number of you have provided feedback on the event. More than 75 percent of you felt TINtech 2015 was excellent or very good.

You said that TINtech 2015 allowed you to meet with your peers (87%), and 84 percent of you think TINtech 2015 will have an impact on your business.

The TINtech 2015 app was well received for the second year in a row – 70 percent of you thought the app was excellent or very good. The App in general and seeing Live Polling in the closing panel debate was very good.

Well over a third of you rated TINtech 2015 as better than most other events (37.5%), or on a par with other events (46%).

TINtech2013_40 TINtech2013 Grand connaught rooms TINtech2013_33 TINtech2013_32




Steven Haasz
AXA Corporate Solutions

"We are all no doubt very busy in our day jobs but events like TINtech give us all an opportunity to pause, to share issues and experiences, to learn and importantly to make new connections and renew old ones."

Paul Umpelby
JLT Specialty Limited

"An excellent event with a good mix of thought provoking workshops and insightful real-life experiences. Good to hear that both speakers and delegates alike were struggling with which way to go next with Data."

"A great opportunity to meet peers and discuss challenges/solutions with the addition of excellent speakers and useful workshops."
Lalit Saili, Citybond Holdings plc

"Great event for getting to know what is important to the Insurance Industry as a whole. Easily two day’s worth of content."
John Wootton, Direct Line

"Great opportunity to meet other players in our space, and benchmark ourselves against what others are doing, talking about, researching or implementing."
Peter Vandenberk, Simply Business

"An excellent day with a wide variety of interesting topics."
Phillip Skade, Ageas Insurance

“Probably the most informative event I have attended looking at current issues such as data in a while."

"Some really good insights in to data collection, storage and use. Good to see some big names there sharing some excellent learning. Great to chew the fat with industry colleagues facing similar challenges and journeys"

"Diversity and insight from attendees and speakers"

"Shame I couldn’t attend in person but my colleague said that some very interesting speakers/panel discussions which stimulated ideas to try or research."

"Having a conference specifically aimed at technology and insurance gave me an opportunity to meet vendors and peers - the networking was the best yet."

"Event gave an opportunity to network with peers, to hear how peers have implemented or are looking at implementing solutions and gave an insight as to what technologies are coming for the insurance industry"

"Learning about what is most important to peers. New to insurance industry so a great primer. Just wish I could have attended other sessions on at same time because looking at the presentations, a large majority of this I would like to have attended."

"Interesting to hear consistent themes on agile and adoption within companies."

"Being able to swap notes with peers in the market and gain an overall insight across the industry."

"A very informative, well attended and organised day. Tintech is THE event to be part of."

"Very useful and good to see the industry thinking about change and innovation."

"Informative and networking event with thought provoking presenters"

“A key conference to understand how the ever changing world of technology is impacting on the traditional pace of Insurance”

“Good focus on core GI systems strategy and distribution - my key issues, so right up my street”

“Very informative and an excellent networking opportunity”

“Right pace; good mixture of lectures and round the table discussions”

“I found the round table discussions with peers from other companies really insightful, gave a good idea of the challenges we all face”

“The App was brilliant, felt like it was central to the day rather than the usual superfluous add on”

"Content was relevant, organisation and venue was very good. It is always good listening to people with similar challenges sharing their own companies experience in trying to improve the way they work"

"Thought provoking conference and sets a challenge to Lloyd's and the London market to respond to the technological challenges and advancements that require consideration"

"A key conference to understand how the ever changing world of technology is impacting on the traditional pace of Insurance"

"A full agenda with thought provoking sessions"

"A “martini” experience on technology in insurance – any time, any place, anywhere is the key for the business and IT must respond"

"Well attended and organised event"

"Excellent event - good venue allowing for better exhibitions and room to network."

"This was another excellent event for TIN with good content, very good organisation and a strong audience"

"Very well organised. Excellent location - 5 minutes’ walk from the Travelodge."

"A good day spent reflecting on some of the fundamental challenges our industry faces and offering up a wealth of opinions on how technology usage will evolve over the next few years."

"Wide ranging programme of interesting topics with good variety of type of session"



Below is a selection of the 280+ senior industry executives confirmed to attend 2016. To see a full list please email phil@the-insurance-network.co.uk

Group Digital Operations Director, Legal & General Group plc

Programme Director, International Underwriting Association of London

CIO, Ascent Underwriting

Group CIO, Global Aerospace

Global CTO, Marsh Ltd

CEO, HomeProtect

Head of IT, Pool Reinsurance Company Limited

Head of IT Architecture, Domestic & General Group PLC

COO, MicroEnsure

Head of Digital Distribution, Atrium Underwriting Plc

Director, Rivertrade Limited

Head of Business Operations, Iconica Business Services Ltd

Chief Operating Officer, Underwriting & Distribution, Arthur J Gallagher (UK) Ltd

Corporate Innovation Manager, AXA PPP Healthcare

Head of IT, RKH Group

Head of GI Platforms, Aviva Plc

Head of IT Infrastructure, Lancashire Group

Managing Director, Estate Insurance Group

Head of IT, Saga Group Limited

Chairman & Co-Founder, Wrisk

Head of Programme Change Delivery, Aviva Plc

COO CTMA, Charles Taylor Plc

Head of Technology, Regis Mutual Management Limited (The Military Mutual)

Head of Digital Innovation and New Business, Aviva Plc

Financial Services Director - Ops Excellence, Business Transformation & COO, RSA Insurance Group Plc

Head of Electronic Buiness and Project Managament, Ageas Insurance Limited

Senior Strategic Partner - Claims, QBE European Operations

Head of IT & Change Governance, Partnership Assurance

Group eCommerce Director, LV=

E-Trade Development Executive, Chubb

Solutions Architect, Miller Insurance Services LLP

CIO, Domestic & General Group PLC

Systems Developer, Clear Insurance Management Ltd

Head of Operations- UK & I and ACE Global Markets, Chubb

COO Client Services, Aon Benfield Group Ltd.

Head of Strategic Change, Wesleyan Assurance Society

IT & Change Business Partner: Business & Service Partnering, QBE European Operations

Head of Operations, Talbot Underwriting Ltd

Director of Shared Services, QBE Insurance Group Ltd

Group Information Services Manager, DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Co Ltd

Chief Operating Officer & Partner, Lockton Companies International

Chief Information Officer, Hiscox

Head of E-Business Development, Premium Credit Ltd

Chief Operating Officer, Unum Ltd

Associate Director - Digital Transformation, BGL Group Limited

Head of Insurer IT, Markerstudy Group

Innovation Leader, The Channel Syndicate

Head of Personal Lines Operations, LV=

VP Global IT Services and Operations, RenaissanceRe Syndicate Management Limited

Head of Strategy & Architecture, General Insurance, Aviva Plc

Head of Infrastructure & IT Operations, Confused.com

Head of Actuarial Systems, Partnership Assurance

COO, Cuvva

Group COO, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group

Chief Data Officer, MS Amlin

Group Chief Information Officer, Beazley Group Plc

Head of Market Insight and Analytics, Unum Ltd

CIO, Chubb

Head of Operations, Antares Underwriting Services Ltd.

Chief Operating Officer, London Reinsurance, XL Catlin Ltd

Marketing Director, UIA (Insurance) Limited

Group Product Manager, Markerstudy Group

Business Solutions Manager, Chubb

Head of Underwriting Transformation, Zurich Insurance Group

Head of Solution Delivery, Miller Insurance Services LLP

CEO, Pi-Ex

Group Head of IT, Markerstudy Group

Group Head of Risk, 1st Central Group

CEO & Co-Founder, Wrisk

Solution Architect - UK Personal Lines, RSA Insurance Group Plc

Head of IT, UK, Hiscox

Architecture and Planning Manager, CNA Insurance

Personal Insurance Operations Executive, EMEA, AIG Europe Limited

Chief Operating Officer, National Corporate Practice, Marsh Ltd

Head of Digital, AIG Europe Limited

CIO, Tysers

Head of Business Solutions, Atrium Underwriting Plc

Chief Technology Officer, Partnership Assurance

Group Head of Operational Change, Lancashire Group

Group IT & Operations Director, Bluefin

Head of Workplace Services EMEA, AIG Europe Limited

Chief Operations Officer, Europe HL&A, Cigna Insurance Services

Business Partner, CIO, Aviva Plc

Chief Operating Officer, Willis Towers Watson

IT Director, GB, Willis Towers Watson

Group Head of IT, Lancashire Group

Co-Founder & CEO, FLUO

SVP Global Operations, Acord

IT Director, Tindall Riley Group Limited

Chief Technology Officer, Aspen Re Ltd

Managing Director of Technical & Operational Practices, Willis Towers Watson

COO, MS Amlin

Head of IT, Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd

e-Business Manager, MS Amlin

Director of IT Architecture & Design, BGL Group Limited

IT Director, Combined Insurance Company of America

See below the breakdown of delegates that have attended TINtech in the past 6 years.

TINtech attendee breakdown

The ‘other’ category consists of Broking, Commercial, Compliance & Distribution Directors.




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Tel: 020 7405 7811

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Hubio provides integrated solutions to help organisations in the insurance and automotive sectors increase efficiency, reduce claims, build customer engagement and enable usage-based personalisation.

Through the innovative use of telematics, UBI, mobile, gamification and enterprise technologies, Hubio is bringing new levels of data-driven insights to the insurance and automotive industries, while challenging and redefining established business models.

  • Hubio’s Enterprise Insurance Suite, covering all lines of business across both personal and commercial insurance, enables you to streamline your processes with a modular platform for the management and processing of insurance claims, policies, billing and rating, with integrated business intelligence – delivering proven COR impact.
  • Our End-to-end UBI solutions give you a turnkey route to implement true end-to-end UBI capability, with our integrated portfolio of telematics-enabled devices, applications and administration solutions, designed for rapid deployment.
  • With our Connected Car & Driver solutions you can engage customers with platform-based solutions enabling game-changing connectivity – creating unique opportunities for insurers to interact with the driver community.
  • Hubio’s Collaboration & Reporting solutions help you transform your data management with easy-to-configure, self-serve tools to facilitate collaboration between insurers, brokers, end-users and regulators.

Hubio was formed to be a best-in-class solutions provider, bringing together several industry-leading technology and service businesses. As one organisation, we are uniquely placed to deliver and support true end-to-end solutions.


Session Sponsors


About Guidewire Software

Guidewire delivers the software that Property/Casualty (P/C) insurers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change. We combine three elements – core processing, data and analytics, and digital engagement – into a technology platform that enhances insurers’ ability to engage and empower their customers and employees. More than 200 P/C insurers around the world have selected Guidewire.

For more information, please visit www.guidewire.com


Capital Capture is a specialist provider of document centric business process automation and outsourcing solutions for both the London Market and Commercial Insurance sectors. Using our knowledge and experience gained in the industry over the last 17 years coupled with strong relationships with the world's best of breed technology suppliers, Capital Capture is able to provide a range of inbound and outbound document automation and outsourcing solutions for the insurance sector including digital mailroom, policy onboarding and claims handling.

Our ongoing investment in development and training enables us to provide and implement innovative bespoke automation solutions covering all aspects of paper based and electronic document processing throughout the insurance industry and provide such solutions on premise, hosted, as a managed onsite service or outsource to one of our managed service centres.

Capital Capture has many high profile clients in the insurance sector such as; QBE, ACE, Catlin, Aon, LV= and Cardif Pinnacle all of whom have increased efficiency, improved compliance and enriched client relations through automation of paper and electronic documentation.

Capital Capture is committed to quality, environmental management and information and data security. As such we are accredited to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and ISO27001:2013 British Standards.



Duck Creek Technologies LLC, an Accenture company, is a leading provider of comprehensive P&C insurance software and services delivered on-premise or via Duck Creek On-Demand, a Software as a Service model. The wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture delivers configurable, best of breed software that is designed to work independently or as a combined approach to quickly and seamlessly handle the unique needs of insurers of all sizes. Our technology solutions enable clients to optimize outcomes through streamlined operations, shared data, and consistent functionality.

For more information, visit www.duckcreek.com

Insurance business transformation is a journey of change and revitalization, a renaissance of insurance. Over 150 insurance companies worldwide in P&C, L&A and Group/ Employee Benefits are transforming their businesses with Majesco’s solutions. Our market leading software, consulting and services uniquely underpin the entire insurance value chain and empower insurers with the agility, innovation and speed needed to meet their transformation opportunities head on. Majesco’s solutions include policy management, new business / underwriting, rating, billing, claims management, distribution management, BI/ analytics, predictive modeling, digital platform with mobile and portal, testing services, cloud services, bureau and content services, transformation services, consulting services and more.

For more information, email us at info@majesco.com, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter or visit us at www.majesco.com

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Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ and TASE: SPNS) is a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, with a growing presence in the financial services sector. Sapiens offers core, end-to-end solutions to the global general insurance, property and casualty, life, pension and annuities, reinsurance and retirement markets, as well as business decision management software. The company has a track record of over 30 years in delivering superior software solutions to more than 190 financial services organizations worldwide. The Sapiens team of approximately 1,700 professionals operates through our fully-owned subsidiaries in North America, the United Kingdom, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

For more information, please visit us on www.sapiens.com


RDT has been at the leading edge of general insurance software for 24 years. From the outset we have been pushing boundaries, producing industry disruptive solutions and investing in technology and people. We are fiercely proud of our approach and our achievements, but we are never satisfied. We constantly work on and improve our products and we are always seeking opportunities to accelerate our technology.
Collaboration is one of our key principles and we work closely with our clients to create an infrastructure that’s right for them. Digital technology is transforming the insurance industry and to stay competitive insurers must adopt new techniques and practices – innovation has become a strategically essential target for every insurance provider. Anticipating, embracing and enabling change is what excites RDT. It’s in our DNA to go the extra mile for our clients, defining tomorrow’s challenges and tackling them before they become problems.

Too many insurers are held back by outdated legacy systems, but at RDT we know that insurance can be managed better and sold better. It can be realigned and reconnected with the fast-paced world it lives in. RDT makes that connection, which is why our insurance administration package, Landscape, is the mostly widely used in the UK.



Target Group is a specialist provider of insurance and financial services software and business process outsourcing.
Our IF Channel software enables business users to:

  • Create white label products and bring on new distribution partners
  • Quickly launch new products to market
  • Tailor products to affinity groups
  • Quickly change product offerings and business rules

Over 50 major financial institutions rely on our software and servicing including NFU Mutual, Liberty Insurance, LV= and AA Financial Services.



Hitachi Solutions enables insurance companies globally to use new technology that puts the customer and agent at the heart of your enterprise.

By utilising Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Hitachi Solutions own insurance software, your users have a complete 360° view of their customers, agents and other third parties, enabling them to market, sell and service more efficiently. Because everyone accesses the same system and can instantly access holistic information on individual customers (including policy details, renewal dates and claims history) your organisation has the information it needs to put the customer at the heart of everything you do.

Part of the highly respected Hitachi Group, Hitachi Solutions provides IT strategy and solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft technologies to some of the world’s largest organisations. With 200+ consultants in the UK and over 1000 globally, we are ideally placed to help insurance companies take advantage of the latest business solutions from Microsoft.



Xuber provides insurance software for the global commercial market, drawing on more than 40 years’ experience with over 180 customers across 42 countries.

Powered by the Xuber Platform; Xuber Policy, Xuber Claims, Xuber Billing and Xuber Ceding, can be deployed separately or as a fully integrated end-to-end solution for insurers and reinsurers. All Xuber components share a common data model giving you a single source of data, opening the way for a worldwide single platform and better positioning companies for growth. Xuber also provides products to the broker and MGA markets.

The Xuber products are built in partnership with customers to both enable business transformation and give them the competitive edge.

Smart solutions, powerful partnerships, transformative technology.

For more information visit xuber.com


Mphasis is a global Technology Services and solutions company specializing in the areas of Digital and Governance, Risk & Compliance.
Our solution focus and superior human capital propels our partnership with large enterprise customers in their Digital transformation journeys and with global financial institutions in the conception and execution of their Governance, Risk and Compliance strategies.
We focus on next generation technologies for differentiated solutions delivering optimized operations for clients.



With an 18-year company history, over 700 employees, and over US$75 million in sales, TmaxSoft has successfully delivered improved IT performance across the globe to many Insurance clients.
As the largest independent software company in South Korea, TmaxSoft’s products provide the quality and performance demanded by traditional as well as private/hybrid cloud architectures.

TmaxSoft will be on hand to discuss: -

OpenFrame is a proven mainframe modernization solution that re-hosts mainframe COBOL, PL/1 and Assembler applications on cloud-ready x86 architectures running LINUX/ UNIX. OpenFrame projects are usually delivered in around 12 months with an average 18-month ROI. System TCO is reduced by more than 50% freeing up capital to develop more agile applications to drive the digitisation agenda.

TmaxSoft’s enterprise database, is an Oracle-compatible database; used by over 1000 clients in Asia which we believe will bring proper competition to the UK database market.
Tibero has the highest level of Oracle-compatibility in the market, much more so than Open source making migration quick and easy. Tibero looks and feels like Oracle so existing DBAs and programmers will need minimal training and is priced and licenced sensibly reducing costs by more than half.



Hyland, creator of OnBase has more than 20 years of Enterprise content Management and insurance vertical expertise in providing solutions to nearly 500 insurance customers across the globe. General Insurance, Life and Health insurers, use the highly configurable OnBase solution to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase transparency and improve customer service. OnBase also seamlessly integrates with core administration systems for greater ROI from carrier’s current technology investments.

Learn more at www.onbase.com/insurance


For business leaders around the world who are struggling to understand what blockchain is and how it applies to them, PwC and Strategy& Blockchain Services can help you understand why this nascent and disruptive technology will impact on your business in the digital age.

PwC’s Blockchain Services Team have deep domain expertise in technology and software engineering, with 120+ years’ collective experience building and running systems in the FinTech arena, including a range of blockchain technologies. We have extensive experience in designing and delivering innovative solutions, with a proven record in delivering business critical platforms, from the world’s largest credit card processing platform to a bitcoin payment processor.
The core team leverages PwC’s huge range of domain expertise and depth of industry insight, from strategy and operations through to legal, regulatory and assurance.
We focus our work with clients in the following areas:

1. Strategy: Understand the overall business impact of blockchain, and impact on legacy environments. Develop and prioritise use cases, adoption strategy and execution roadmap. Identify partnership options.

2. Design: Develop use cases, define business processes, select products and design architecture. Create support policies, governance and controls. Undertake blockchain go-live assurance.

3. Execution: Establish blockchain lab and undertake agile development of PoCs. Train and transfer skills to your team. Help establish and manage consortia. Implement and integrate products.


Drinks sponsor

tibco new logo

TIBCO Software empowers executives, developers, and business users with Fast Data solutions that make the right data available in real time for faster answers, better decisions, and smarter action. Over the past 15 years, thousands of businesses across the globe have relied on TIBCO technology to integrate their applications and ecosystems, analyze their data, and create real-time solutions.

Learn how TIBCO turns data—big or small—into differentiation at www.tibco.com



Insurance Data Migrations are specialists in migrating and reconciling insurance data. With over 25 years’ experience in consolidating and upgrading insurance legacy systems we have mastered a proven data migration methodology to improve the quality and reduce to risk of your migrations. Our deep understanding of most insurance systems and data has also helped leading insurers improve the business processes and efficiency of binder management, bordereaux processing and reconciliation, catastrophe modelling and management information reporting. Our experts are directly in contact with you and our goal is to deliver your exact requirement on time and to budget.



Sequel are a leading insurance and reinsurance software specialists delivering powerful, reliable solutions across the market for over 20 years.

We are known for our industry expertise, professionalism, and track record for delivering successful transformation programmes on time and on budget.

Sequel is committed to becoming a clear technology champion based on the strong foundations of our Eclipse Underwriting & Broking solutions (which process over £5 billion of premiums annually), with new innovative products such as Sequel Claims and Sequel Impact (for Exposure Management).

Our customers are underwriters, brokers and MGAs within the Lloyd’s, companies and international insurance/reinsurance sector.


gmc web

GMC is a global leader in Customer Communications Management, empowering companies around the world to drive more efficient and effective customer communications. GMC delivers innovative software solutions that enable enterprises to transform the customer experience by deploying powerful engagement strategies. We provide the means for business users to develop contextual, highly personalized communications. Supporting thousands of clients and partners in banking, insurance and healthcare, GMC has the only single design solution for all channels that span the entire customer journey, giving our clients a competitive edge in a market shaped by rapidly changing consumer-technology.

For more information about GMC's solution, visit: www.gmc.net


OneShield, Inc. delivers enterprise-class policy management, billing, rating, product configuration, and business intelligence and analytic solutions to the global General Insurance industry. Our solutions leverage a tool-based open architecture and single data model platform to help you transform your business and lower your total cost of ownership. OneShield, Inc. has a combined 44 lines of business in production across commercial, personal and specialty markets.

To learn more, visit oneshield.com


From rating and underwriting to eligibility, claims adjudication and commission calculations, insurance companies around the world trust InRule®, the no-code business rule management system (BRMS), to automate decisions and processes, speed time to market, and lower costs. InRule makes it easy to respond to and take advantage of changing market conditions and requirements.

InRule Technology® enables people to make changes to rules and calculations in applications without code modifications. By allowing technical and non-technical users to change rules and calculations without programming, InRule helps streamline processes and reduce costs.

With InRule Technology, as the rules change, so can your business.



Objective Corporation helps Insurance organisations transform the way that policy wording documents are created using a web-based solution to streamline all aspects of the document lifecycle.

Through transformation and innovation in the production of high value document based information, our customers have benefitted from:

  • 30% reduction in time to launch new products-to-market
  • 50% reduction in the costs of producing new documents and policies
  • Significant improvements in the transparency of these processes to increase governance and minimise risks

Objective ECC for Insurance rationalises and brings transparency to the way that policy wording, product & key facts statements and other supporting business documents are designed, created, reviewed, published and distributed.

For further information visit www.objective.co.uk or email insurance@objective.co.uk

Aquarium is at the forefront of providing technology solutions to the global general insurance industry. Their cloud platform has been designed and is proven to support companies business lines.

Currently serving over 20,000 users across North America and Europe, Aquarium has a specialist focus on the rapidly expanding area of niche GI, delivering end to end solutions as diverse as Pet, Travel and Gadget and Warranty.

Now in its 10th year, Aquarium has offices in the UK, Ireland and the USA.

For more information, please visit www.aquarium-software.com

EDM Group is a Sunday Times’ Hiscox Tech Track 100 company. Our enterprise solutions are proven to accelerate information exchange across functions, reduce the cost of claims, fraud & associated processes and streamline all inbound/outbound communication.
“Insurance technology that boosts customer experience and simplifies compliance”
From introducing integrated inbound/outbound communications to resolving legacy technology issues, EDM group are trusted experts within the insurance market. Our multi-channel technology-led solutions deliver step-change improvements in efficiency and customer experience – while reducing costs and simplifying compliance. As a result, our clients compete more effectively in a challenging, evolving sector.


Core logo
For over 25 years, Core has been delivering technology consultancy to a range of industries. Our first projects in the early 1990’s involved IT Infrastructure services to the Winterthur group and this has evolved to make us a specialist partner for the insurance sector. Our expertise and close working relationships within the industry have helped us understand the issues that cause insurers the biggest headaches. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner offering services around the entire Cloud platform. We work with our clients to solve business problems, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve their organisation’s objectives.


Niu has been providing innovative and agile IT solutions to the retail and financial services sectors for over a decade. We specialise in providing agile, flexible and scalable infrastructure that delivers the solutions our clients need today and for the future, fostering their ambitions for growth by being their partner for success.

We believe that technology should help organisations achieve their goals and find new opportunities. Keeping our vision front of mind throughout everything we do enables us to build partnerships that grow and evolve over time.

At Niu, we give our clients the freedom to succeed by removing the burden of building and managing information technology, leaving them free to surpass their business objectives.


Twofold’s primary aim is to help your organisation deal with an ever increasing volume of paper and data. We provide enterprise content capture and content management solutions.

Forrester rate Kofax as the best capture solution in the world and Kofax rate us as their partner of the year for EMEA.

OnBase from Hyland is in our opinion the world’s best enterprise content management solution so visit our stand to see how the world of capture and document management has changed.

Over 2000 customers trust Twofold including over 90 of the FTSE 100 and nearly 1 in 2 public sector organisations.


VIPR is an award-winning provider of sophisticated software solutions. Unrivalled market insight has cemented our reputation as industry innovators. Our bordereaux, coverholder management and reporting products are market leaders and widely used across the insurance industry. Plus we provide comprehensive quote and bind solutions and have recently launched a Complaints Manager and Audit Portal.

Our clients are insurance companies, managing agents, managing general agents and brokers - they are at the heart of all we do. We forge long-term relationships with our clients and are passionate about supporting them every way we can, and adding value to their business.


Signavio is a forward-thinking business transformation software company delivering value to the insurance sector through intuitive, collaborative business process and decision management, and workflow automation solutions.

Signavio enables insurance companies to gain greater efficiency and operational agility, empowering better management of risk and compliance in the face of increasing regulation.

Signavio puts people and processes at the core of your business and helps you manage your business processes and decisions to achieve sustainable business success.

Try Signavio’s solutions yourself with a free 30 day trial and visit us at our booth!


Spigraph Network helps insurance companies with tailored capture solutions to automate document-centric processes from Client facing through to back office, including new account opening, claims processing, invoice processing, and contract quality. Spigraph Network will be partnering with ImageFast who provide a range of Information management solutions and consulting services to help insurance companies maximise their investments, streamline costs and improve processes. Spigraph Network and ImageFast help companies such as HISCOX, Talbot Insurance and Arch Insurance achieve the highest level of process automation with a rapid return on investment.

To contact a Spigraph or ImageFast representative, please click here.


Charles Taylor InsureTech blends our deep knowledge of insurance with leading-edge technical expertise. We deliver agile, future-proof solutions to clients worldwide, enabling them to escape their legacy systems and meet the changing expectations of their clients.

Charles Taylor InsureTech is part of Charles Taylor plc, a leading international provider of professional services to clients across the global insurance market. Charles Taylor has been providing services to its clients since 1884 and today employs over 1,300 staff in 69 offices spread across 28 countries in the UK, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Zensar Technologies a trusted partner to fortune 500 global Insurance companies looking to strategically transform and grow. A global operation with a strong track-record of innovation, Zensar’s comprehensive range of software services and solutions enable 400+ customers

Services ranges from the traditional to the transformational - across Management Consulting, Business Application Services, Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Collaboration Services, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing , Testing & Assurance Services, BPM and Infrastructure Management Services.
Other solutions for Insurers include SME led modernisation framework, predictive analytics for claims fraud detection, beyond social listening and reinsurance management, Digital Strategy consulting and Mobile Applications development.


Banner Managed Communication (BMC)
BMC are a leading provider of document management solutions within the Insurance market. We help Insurers & Brokers design, build and execute better performing FCA compliant customer communications across every channel, helping deliver a consistent multi -channel experience for your customers and prospects.

We create engagements that influence and shape how people feel, connect and interact with your brand.
Our approach is to use the latest technology and software to offer a complete process solution from data capture and document composition through to channel output, whether that be through traditional print, digital, or social and mobile media.


Vlocity 2016
Vlocity Insurance Apps by Vlocity, Inc., built on Salesforce.com, are modern, enterprise-scale industry cloud and mobile software for insurance product sales, service, and distribution channel management. Vlocity Insurance Apps enable insurance carriers, employee benefits providers, and associated agents and brokers to manage client insurance relationships, policy/annuity/benefit plan portfolios, insurance contract renewals and deliver service across insurance clients and their producer networks. Vlocity Insurance Apps are designed for general insurance (personal and commercial), individual life, annuities, and pensions, as well as employee benefits. Vlocity, Inc is a member of ACORD.

Learn more at www.vlocity.com/insurance

Scott Logic is a bespoke software consultancy with offices in Newcastle, Edinburgh, Bristol and London. The company was founded in 2005 by Gary Scott with the goal of building a successful software development consultancy, that prides itself on quality service and the calibre of its people.

With a number of longstanding clients from a range of sectors including investment banking, financial services, energy trading and oil and gas, the company provides a broad range of services, including User Experience (UX) design, project delivery and testing

Scott Logic has also expanded to form a product-based business, shinobicontrols, which specialises in creating charts and tools for use on mobile apps, both for the individual developer and those in enterprise.

For futher information, visit scottlogic.com

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