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TINtech 2017

The UK's leading technology strategy conference
Over 35 expert speakers | 17 interactive sessions | Join over 350 delegates
15th June 2017 | London 

Ensure your digital technology strategy delivers

TINtech is the technology strategy event focused on HOW to enable effective business processes, deliver operational efficiencies and drive customer focused innovation across your organisation.

As digital technologies continue to pervade and underpin every aspect of insurance it’s never been more critical to devise and implement an effective technology strategy – the key challenge is bringing IT and the business together to deliver successful change.

Attend the sector’s leading technology strategy event to discover how online dating europe technology supports and enables effective business processes, drives up customer value and creates sustainable competitive advantage. Benchmark your strategy with your peers’ and come away with key insights into how new technologies will strategically impact the insurance industry.

Join over 350 industry peers to:

  • Discover the art of aligning people, processes and technology to deliver successful digital transformation
  • Overcome the operational and tech challenges to enable innovation and deliver a customer focused strategy
  • Leverage the power of AI, machine learning, connected devices, Blockchain, robotics and other new technologies within your business
  • Grasp the opportunities as digital reinvents insurance distribution, claims and communications over the next 5 years
  • Ensure you’re ready to meet changing customer expectations as new technologies create new industries and new insurance markets

Over 35 speakers including:

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08:00 Registration & Coffee

09:00 Keynote presentations

“Digital isn’t just a channel, it’s a state of mind”
Creating a digital-centric business

  • Enabling a digital culture to effectively overcome business challenges
  • Developing a top down and bottom up approach to enable this culture change
  • Driving innovation to rethink and reshape insurance in response to digital change
  • The impact of future tech such as IoT, AI and machine learning on industry dynamics
  • Who will be the winners in the new insurance landscape?

Stuart Booth WEB
Stuart Booth
Director of Digital
RSA Insurance

Transforming operations to deliver the customer focused business strategy

  • An overview of a wholesale systems replacement and business transformation
  • Overcoming the practical challenges of delivering the IT transformation to enable a better customer experience
  • Developing and supporting our customer obsessed culture
  • How will the InsurTech revolution impact insurance?
  • Staying ahead in an environment of rapid technology development

Juan de Castro
Chief Operating Officer

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10:45 Morning coffee

Delegates select one of the following streamed sessions. Each session features a case study presentations and will be followed by round table discussion allowing you to benchmark with your peers.

Stream 1 - Personal lines

Leading digital transformation to meet changing customer expectations

Jonathan Mansley
Head of Digital Strategy and Propositions

CASE STUDY: ‘Forget the devices, technology and data’ – effectively evaluating new technologies

Leigh Calton
Head of Research and Development
Ageas UK

View session details:

Leading digital transformation to meet changing customer expectations

  • Successfully responding to changing distribution dynamics
  • Devising customer journeys that are both personal and scalable
  • The role of future technology such as AI to deliver faster, more accurate outcomes for customers
  • The implications of IoT to transform the role of traditional insurance from a passive relationship to an active one

CASE STUDY: ‘Forget the devices, technology and data’ – effectively evaluating new technologies

  • Developing a successful business rational to assess the range of InsurTech developments
  • Don’t think what your customer might want...know!
  • Using design thinking to develop new propositions that deliver customer value
  • Assessing the impact of IoT, Blockchain and virtual reality for insurance

Followed by round table discussion & feedback

Stream 1 sponsored by:

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Stream 2 - Commercial lines

Effectively responding to the changing SME insurance landscape

Ed Bradshaw
Former Group Director of Strategy, Innovation and M&A

CASE STUDY: How digital is reinventing small and medium commercial insurance distribution

Beatriz Montoya
Marketing Channels Director
Simply Business

View session details:

Effectively responding to the changing SME insurance landscape

  • Responding to rapidly shifting customer expectations
  • The implications for the operating and business models of insurers, intermediaries, partners and suppliers
  • Increasing speed to market and effectively pricing in a digital world
  • Skills and capabilities needed to win in the future SME market

CASE STUDY: How digital is reinventing small and medium commercial insurance distribution

  • Augmenting traditional data to better understand customers and enhance underwriting
  • Enabling self-service to enhance the customer experience and drive efficiencies
  • The role of AI and machine learning to facilitate these advances
  • Making access to advanced analytics and ‘deep learning’ more cost effective and feasible

Followed by round table discussion & feedback

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Stream 3 - Lloyd's & London markets

Driving change and adoption within the London market: enabling modernisation through TOM

Adrian Thornycroft
TOM Programme Director

Overcoming the practical challenges of delivering market wide transformational change

James Livett
Associate Director
Martyn Scripps
London Market Modernisation Lead
XL Catlin

View session details:

Driving change and adoption within the London market: enabling modernisation through TOM

  • TOM progress, KPI’s and future objectives
  • Speeding up change and adoption of the core initiatives
  • Is CSRP the approach in an agile, digital world?
  • Enabling innovation to find efficiencies and new ways of working
  • Developing the skills and competencies for the next generation of leaders

Overcoming the practical challenges of delivering market wide transformational change

Our expert panelists will respond to Adrian’s presentation and establish the questions to be covered during the round table discussions.

Followed by round table discussion & feedback

Stream 3 sponsored by:

Stream 4 - Delivering digital transformation

CASE STUDY: Successfully delivering digital innovation and agile organisational change

Serge Taborin
Global Digital Innovation Director
Overcoming the barriers to deliver digital transformation

David Clamp
Former IT Director

View session details:

CASE STUDY: Successfully delivering digital innovation and agile organisational change

  • Creating an agile and innovative culture
  • Transforming people process and technology around digital thinking
  • Ensuring innovations are successfully transferred into BAU
  • Key criteria for delivering successful organisational change

Overcoming the barriers to deliver digital transformation

  • Digital transformation is more than tech, it’s a state of mind
  • Enabling digital change - moving from a classical business culture to a digital culture
  • Driving innovation that make a tangible difference to business performance
  • Deploying technology to enable the strategic change
  • Key lessons learned to help achieve success

Followed by round table discussion & feedback

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Stream 5 - Leveraging new technologies

CASE STUDY: Leveraging strong existing brands to expand customer offerings through connected homes

Sudeep Maitra
Director of Strategy and Development
Centrica Connected Home

CASE STUDY: The practical applications of AI in insurance

Matthias Heuberger
Head of Process and Value Chain Digitisation
Zurich Insurance

View session details:

CASE STUDY: Leveraging strong existing brands to expand customer offerings through connected homes

  • Defining the opportunity size of connected homes
  • What are the most useful products and services that can be delivered?
  • Investing £500m to build the capacity and capability to deliver these services
  • How will connected homes impact the insurance markets?

CASE STUDY: The practical applications of AI in insurance

  • The art of the possible and what is available now
  • How is AI being used to improve customer service and operational efficiency?
  • Using AI in complex, language based reports to make claims decisions
  • The future challenges for successfully implementing AI in insurance operations

Followed by round table discussion & feedback

Stream 5 sponsored by:

13:00 Lunch in the exhibition room

Delegates select one of the following five panel discussions, each featuring brief presentations followed by audience Q&A.

Panel 1 - Enabling innovation & harnessing disruption
Speeding up innovation and product development

Jimmy Williams
Urban Jungle

Pankaj Kane
Head of Digital Systems
Prudential Assurance
Craig Foster
Managing Director
HomeServe Labs

View session details:

The investment in InsurTech, innovation hubs and garages shows no sign of abating - but how do you ensure your investment delivers a return?

This panel discussion will explore:

  • Creating the right cultural conditions for innovation
  • What can we learn from the start up, lean mentality to speed up innovation?
  • What InsurTech developments are making a tangible difference to insurers’ bottom lines?
  • Is it really a case of “disrupt or be disrupted”?

  • Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

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Panel 2 - Transforming operations & policy administration
Successful operational transformation

Chris Atkinson
Head of Innovation & Partnership Development

Lulu O'Leary
Strategic Transformation Director

Sam Smithson-Biggs
UKGI Transformation Director

View session details:

Transforming core systems is still the key focus for many organisations’ capital expenditure.
This panel will explore how you deliver a successful transformation initiative in a fast paced digital environment

Topics to be covered include:

  • Transforming legacy to become more customer focused rather than product centric
  • Delivering 'Insurance as a Service': the next inevitable step or temporary fad?
  • Using design thinking to challenge traditional processes and systems – and the tech to support them
  • Overcoming operational challenges and avoiding common pitfalls

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

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Panel 3 - Robotic process automation
Robotics, AI and machine learning

Tim Yorke
Former COO

Steve Tait
Head of Claims Automation

Alison Sergeant
VP Global IT Services and Operations
Renaissance Re

View session details:

Robotics and AI are set to play a major role in the development of all industries including insurance over the next 10 years.
Our expert panelists will explore how robotic process automation can be used now and the advancement towards AI solutions.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How robotic process automation can overcome complex legacy challenges in underwriting and claims
  • Overcoming the tension between cold analytics and delivering an empathetic insurance service
  • Where has RPA made the biggest impact in terms of improved customer service and efficiency?
  • The next steps for RPA – can AI and machine learning enable effective robo advisers?
  • The organisational and cultural considerations of AI driven change

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

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Panel 4 - Transforming the customer experience
New tech and applications to engage customers and transform the customer journey

Mark Evans
Marketing Director
Direct Line Group

Heather Smith
Digital Transformation Director

Paul Burrows
Customer Experience & Operations Director, Personal Direct & Retail Partners
AXA Insurance

View session details:

We are at the start of the digitalisation of everything – the question is how will insurance respond to meet changing customer expectations?

Topics to be covered include:

  • How is technology changing customer expectations?
  • How can we use digital tech to meet these expectations and enhance insurer-customer interactions?
  • Enabling customer self-service
  • Delivering a good customer journey through multiple channels
  • How will the future technologies like IoT, wearables, connected devices etc impact the customer experience?

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

Panel 4 sponsored by:


Panel 5 - Advanced Analytics
Overcoming the data challenges to enable advanced analytics

Dr Jake Kennard
Centre of Nanoscience & Quantum Information
Bristol University

Paul Middle
Global Partnering Director, Connected Insurance
RSA Insurance

Tim Buchanan
Group Digital Director

View session details:

Data lies at the heart of successful decision making that enable better customer outcomes and improves business performance. But as data and computing power increases, how do you leverage the opportunities they present?

Topics to be covered include:

  • How will the explosion in computing power transform what can be achieved through data?
  • Leveraging data to deliver better customer outcomes through AI & machine learning
  • Developing an IT infrastructure and operating model that can both harness analytics and secure your data
  • Moving from risk mitigation to risk prevention through advanced analytics

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

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15:00 Coffee in the exhibition room

Delegates select one of the following workshops. Each session will be followed by round table discussion allowing you to benchmark with your peers.

Workshop 1 - Next generation claims technology

Meeting customer expectations at 'the moment of truth'
Successfully transforming claims to meet digital customer expectations, improve efficiency and drive up retention

Ibi Moghraby
Head of Claims Strategy & Customer Experience

Graham Stait
Proposition & Change Manager
Allianz Insurance

View session details:

  • Thinking about claims processes and technology through a customer focused lens
  • Key criteria for successful strategic change management in claims
  • Leveraging new technologies to improve the customer experience
  • Developing new business processes and overcoming cultural inertia when adopting new technology

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

Workshop 1
sponsored by:


Workshop 2 - Enabling on-demand cloud services

Reducing the total cost of ownership through cloud technologies
Using cloud services to deliver efficiencies and improve service
David Clamp
Former Head of IT

Jonathan Fletcher

View session details:

  • Building the business case for cloud through ‘total cost of ownership’
  • Successfully implementing cloud technologies to reduce costs & improve efficiencies
  • Opportunities in risk modelling, underwriting and claims service
  • Driving up underwriting performance through the use of real time data

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

Workshop 2
sponsored by:

Workshop 3 - Modernising core systems

Successful change management
Overcoming the people, process and technology challenges of modernizing core systems

Declan Martin
Head of IS
Dentists Provident Society

David Partington
AEL Personal Insurance Operations Lead (EMEA)

View session details:

  • Dealing with legacy systems that are a barrier to achieving the digital enterprise
  • Understanding the strategic business objectives and aligning them with the technology strategy
  • Delivering the infrastructure to enable global client services
  • Overcoming the practical challenges of untangling the legacy spaghetti

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

Workshop 3
sponsored by:


Workshop 4 - Achieving digital customer engagement

Overcoming organisational challenges
Leveraging digital to drive up engagement to enable growth and improve retention

Ellie Mickleburgh
Director of Marketing & Design
JLT Specialty Limited

View session details:

  • How is technology changing customer expectations and creating opportunities for insurers and brokers?
  • Getting the basics right in delivering a good customer journey through multiple channels
  • Aligning people, process and technology
  • Leveraging data and analytics to drive up engagement

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

Workshop 4
sponsored by:


Workshop 5 - Blockchain

CASE STUDY - The B3i project: the practicalities of using Blockchain within insurance

Paul Meeusen
Finance Services Director
Swiss Re

Greg Crow
Group Head of Architecture
XL Catlin

View session details:

  • Overview of B3i – the potential for Blockchain to become a shared platform for exchanging contracts
  • Results from the B3i proof of concept
  • What are the current technology limitations and how will they be overcome?
  • The next steps for insurance Blockchain development

Followed by round table discussion & Q&A

Workshop 5
sponsored by:

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16:30 Closing session

AI & Machine Learning
Is it the end of the world as we know it?

AI and machine learning is set to transform the world we live in. In recent years advances in AI have transformed image and speech recognition, enabled language translation and seen the successful development of niche advertising through 1 to 1 programmatic marketing at scale.
The old Grandmasters of Chess and Go look on as the machines take over!
With predictions of mass automation driving the loss of manual and skilled jobs, this session will explore how this tech will impact insurance, ask what the time scales are and discuss how organisations should respond.

  • With a 98.9% probability that insurance underwriters will be replaced by robots, is it a good time to be a restaurateur in Lime street?
  • Given the lack of trust in the industry, are robo-advice platforms a viable way to win back customers who perceive AI as more impartial and analytical than humans?
  • As AI accelerates the transition from paying indemnity from loss to a risk prevention environment what are the options open to insurers & brokers to add value?

Gordon Henderson
Marketing, Digital and Innovation Director

Raphael Caruso
Head of Innovation Lab NEUR - Euler Hermes Digital Agency
Euler Hermes

Tim Yorke
Former COO

Sponsored by:
IBM black web

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17:15 Networking drinks reception

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TINtech is due to attract over 400 attendees this year, making it the biggest year yet

See below the breakdown of delegates that have attended TINtech in the past 6 years.

TINtech attendee breakdown

The ‘other’ category consists of Broking, Commercial, Compliance & Distribution Directors.

Network & benchmark with over 400 industry experts to find the solutions to your tech challenges

Join peers with job titles such as:

Broking Director
Digital Transformation Director
Director of Operations
Customer Experience & Operations Director
Technology Director
Head of Innovation
UK Group Director of Strategy and M&A

See the full list

Account Manager
AEL Personal Insurance Operations Lead
Application Fraud Consultant
Assistant General Manager
Assistant Marketing Manager
Assistant Underwriter
Associate Director
BI Specialist
Business Analyst
Business Applications Manager
Business Architect
Business Development Director
Business Insight Manager
Business Solution Lead
Channels Marketing Director
Chief Claims & Operations Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Data Officer
Chief Digital Architect
Chief Executive
Chief Information Officer
Chief IT Architect
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer & Partner
Chief Operating Officer, Specialty Practices
CIO - UK/Europe
CIO & Programme Manager
Claims Manager
Claims Technical Director
Class Underwriter
Co-founder & CEO
Commercial E-trade Manager
Connected Home Director
Connected Insurance Director
COO, UK Specialty
Corporate Innovation Manager
Customer Account Executive
Deputy General Manager
Deputy IT Director
Development Team Manager
Digital Delivery Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Trading Manager
Director of Commercial Intermediary
Director of Digital
Director of Marketing and Design
Director of Strategy and Development
Director RCS
EMEA Claims Director
EMEA Head of Digital IT
End User Team Leader
Energy Technician Watkins Syndicate
Enterprise Architect
Finance Services Director
Financial Planning & Analysis Assistant
Former Chief Operating Officer
Former Head of IT
Founder & CEO
General Manager
General Manager
Global Digital Innovation Director
Global Head of CRB Systems Engineering & Application Development
Global Partnering Director
Group CFO
Group Chief Information Officer
Group Digital Director
Group Director
Group Finance Director
Group Head of Architecture
Group Head of IT & CIO
Group Head of Risk
Group Head of Risk
Head of Analysis and Testing
Head of BI
Head of Business Change & IT
Head of Business Development
Head of Business Insights
Head of Business Operations
Head of Business Systems
Head of Business Transformation
Head of Change & IT
Head of Claims Automation
Head of Claims Strategy and Customer Experience
Head of Consultancy
Head of Consumer Distribution
Head of Customer Operations
Head of Data Management
Head of Digital
Head of Digital DevOps
Head of Digital Strategy and Propositions
Head of Digital Systems
Head of Digital, Prevention & Services, CIO
Head of Dynamic Underwriting and Pricing
Head of Enterprise Data & BI
Head of e-Trading
Head of GB Architecture & Engineering
Head of GI Platforms
Head of Information Technology
Head of Infrastructure
Head of IS
Head of IT
Head of IT - London Market
Head of IT & Business Change
Head of IT Delivery
Head of IT Development
Head of IT Strategy, Innovation and Architecture
Head of Operational Management & Performance
Head of Operations
Head of Operations- UK & I and ACE Global Markets
Head of Planning & Change
Head of Pricing
Head of Process and Value Chain Digitization
Head of Research & Development
Head of Self-Serve Operations
Head of SME
Head of Solution Design
Head of Strategic Futures
Head of Strategic Planning and Execution
Head of Strategy & Architecture
Head of Technology
Head, Global Data & Analytics
Innovation Team Delivery Lead
Interim Group Head of IT
IT Manager
IT Service Delivery Manager
Lead Solution Architect
London Market Modernisation Lead
Managing Director, Risk Software
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Marketing, Digital & Innovation Director
of Innovation Lab NEUR - Euler Hermes Digital Agency
Operations Assistant
Operations Director
Principal Analyst - Motor Risk Modelling
Process Efficiency Manager
Product Lead - Facilities Platforms
Programme Manager
Research Director
Risk & Capital Advisor
Sales and Service Manager
SAS MI Pricing Manager
Senior Analyst
Senior Architect
Senior Architecture Director
Senior Change Delivery Manager
Senior Executive
Senior Manager - Online Customer Experience
Senior Manager Software Development
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Senior Trading Underwriter
Senior Underwriting Manager
Senior Vice President
Senior VP
Service Company Reporting Analyst
Solution Architect
Specialty Senior Business Analyst
Standards Manager
Strategic Business Partner
Strategic Optimisation Analyst
Strategic Transformation Director
Strategy & Innovation Analyst
Street Designer
Technical Architect
Technology Innovation Adviser
Technology Manager
TOM Programme Director
UK Technology Capability Officer
UKGI Transformation Director
Underwriting Strategy Manager
Vice President
VP Global IT Services and Operations
VP, Operations

From companies including

Direct Line Group
AIG Europe Limited
Aviva Plc
RSA Insurance Group Plc
Simply Business
TH March & Co Ltd

See the full list

1st Central Group
Ageas Insurance Limited
Allianz Insurance Plc
Anadolou Hayat Emeklilik
Antares Underwriting Services Ltd.
Aon Benfield Group Ltd.
App Orchid
Arch Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd
Armour Risk Management Ltd
Ascot Underwriting Limited
AXA Insurance Plc
AXA PPP Healthcare
Beazley Group Plc
Berkley Offshore Underwriting Managers UK, Ltd
BGL Group Limited
Canada Life Ltd.
Cega Group Services Ltd
Centrica plc
CFC Underwriting Ltd
Charles Taylor Plc
CII - Chartered Institute of Insurance
Close Brothers Premium Finance
Clyde & Co LLP
CNA Hardy
Content Guru Limited
Davies Group Ltd
Dentists' Provident Society Ltd
Digital Minds Think Tank
Digital Risks
Domestic & General Group PLC
DTW 1991
Ecclesiastical Insurance Group plc
Ed Broking LLP
Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd
Euler Hermes UK plc
Flood Re
Gartner UK Ltd
Guy Carpenter & Company Ltd
HDI Global SE - UK
Homeserve Plc
Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd.
International General Insurance Company (UK) Limited
Jelf Group
JLT Specialty Limited
Liberty Specialty Markets
Lloyd's Market Association
Lloyd's of London
Lockton Companies International
Marsh Ltd
Miller Insurance Services LLP
Modus Underwriting Limited
Motor Insurers Bureau
MS Amlin
Munich Re Underwriting
National House Building Council (NHBC)
Novae Group
Paymentshield Ltd
Pen Underwriting
Polaris UK Limited
Prudential Plc
Qatar Insurance Company SAQ
QBE European Operations
Regis Mutual Management Limited
RenaissanceRe Syndicate Management Limited
Ryan Direct Group Limited
Sefas Innovation
Shipowners' Protection Ltd
Simplyhealth Group Ltd
Sompo Canopius
StarStone Insurance Holdings Ltd
Swiss Re
Talbot Underwriting Ltd
The Channel Managing Agency & Syndicate
Thomas Miller & Co Ltd
Tibco Plc
Tokio Marine Kiln
Tradex Insurance Co Ltd
Travelers Insurance Co Ltd
Travelers Syndicate Management Limited
UIA (Insurance) Limited
Unum Ltd
Urban Jungle
Vitality Health
W/R/B Underwriting
Willis Towers Watson
XL Catlin Ltd
Zurich Insurance


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