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2018 articles

TINtech London Market 2018 – Pre-event survey report

January 2018

Insight from the 200 delegates

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2017 articles

Insights from – and for – the London insurance market

28th November 2017

Here follows some thoughts and comments based on the responses to the pre-event survey for TINtech London Market 2018. Wherever possible I have kept my intervention to a minimum and passed on the thoughts of your peers: as always with us, any authority we have to pass comment on the market is derived from our members, speakers and attendees.

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Delegated Authority: Overcoming the operational challenges

1st November 2017

Implementing a Delegated Authority solution to comply with reporting standards, effectively manage 3rd party relationships and achieve operational efficiency.

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Driving up digital engagement in insurance
September 2017

This article explores the key challenges and insights from the customer engagement workshop at TINtech, concluding with five essential best practice tips to drive up engagement.

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Stepping up to meet London’s strategic challenges
August 2017

Insights on the key strategic claims challenges from the London Market Claims 2017 pre-event survey.

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London market modernisation
July 2017

The bumpy road to better prospects: the London Market Target Operating Model (TOM) and the course of digital transformation.

A summary of the Lloyd’s and London market session at TINtech 2017, providing an insight into the topics covered and the challenges that need to be overcome.

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Innovation at Insurtech startups, and how to work with them
June 2017

Blog post adapted from a speech given by Jimmy Williams, Co-founder at Urban Jungle Insurance, at TINtech 2017. Contrasting Jimmy’s innovative approach at Urban Jungle Insurance with what established insurance businesses are doing, and also set out how insurance incumbents need to behave if they want to work successfully with startups.

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Leveraging New Technologies
June 2017

Capital Law’s overview of the Leveraging New Technologies session at TINtech 2017 presented by Sudeep Maitra, Director of Strategy and Development at Centrica Connected Homes and Matthias Heuberger, Head of Process and Value Chain Digitisation at Zurich Insurance.

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Technology strategy for the digital age
June 2017

Award winning journalist, Matt Scott, shares insight into the UK insurance sector & discusses key takeaways of TINtech 2017, including future focused technology and real world case studies exploring the practical challenges of strategic change.

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cognitive computing for insurers cover
Cognitive computing for insurers
May 2017

A really insightful piece on cognitive computing in insurance from IBM, main sponsor of TINtech on 15th June, on how insurers can turn the key insights they can now derive from analytics into deeper customer intimacy and engagement by leveraging cognitive systems.

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Adopting the future
May 2017

The digital revolution has transformed the way business interacts with and delivers for its customers. The UK takes pole position as Europe’s leading digital economy. Digital technologies offer businesses the length and breadth of the UK the tools and platforms needed to start, scale and reach a global audience.

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Inside the InsurTech Revolution: why insurance needs to up its game
May 2017
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is set to revolutionise the insurance industry, according to an exclusive survey of insurance technology specialists set to attend TINtech 2017 in June.

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Meeting Customer Expectations
May 2017
For those that missed it here’s a recording of the webinar we ran recently with Hitachi Solutions looking at successfully devising and implementing a strategy to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations, featuring Kerry Chilvers, Brand Director at Direct Line Group, and Jason Campbell, Insurance Industry Expert at Hitachi Solutions.

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webinar recording
Leveraging gamification in insurance to drive operational performance and employee engagement
March 2017

For those that missed it here’s a recording of the webinar we ran recently with Hitachi Solutions looking at Gamification in Insurance, featuring David Clamp, former Head of IT at Hiscox UK & Ireland, and Jason Campbell, gamification and insurance guru at Hitachi Solutions.

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automating claims processes
Five key criteria for successful automation in claims

Written by Jeremy Burgess
21st March 2017

Achieving straight through processing of claims to improve business performance and customer service. Five key criteria for successful automation in claims.

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Hubio photo - sc logo
Hubio at Strategic Claims 2017
Led by Hubio
3rd March 2017

A summary from Hubio, a sponsor of Strategic Claims 2017. This press release provides a brief overview of discussion findings that took place on 2nd March and also get another chance to receive a copy of the Hubio digital systems report if you did not pick one up at the conference.

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TINtech London Market: A gathering for change
By Jeremy Burgess, The Insurance Network
February 2017

Read a summary of the main themes covered at TINtech London Market 2017.

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TINtech London Market 2017 summary
Led by Sollers Consulting
16th February 2017

A summary from Sollers Consulting, the main sponsor of TINtech London Market 2017. This press release provides a brief overview of discussion findings that took place on 3rd February.

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Grasping opportunities: technology, rebranding and future challenges
16th January 2017

A meeting with keynote, Steve Hearn of TINtech London Market 2017 where Steve discusses the macro challenges facing London, the strategic changes he is leading within Ed Broking and how things have moved on since his involvement in the influential London Matters report in 2014.

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2016 articles

The Next Insurance Revolution:
Customer centricity and the single view of the customer

December 2016

A new whitepaper researched and written by Matt Scott, award winning journalist and insurance guru. With contributions from Arthur J Gallagher, Towergate, Covea and Citigroup.

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Why do insurers want to engage?
November 2016

Highlights from the latest in our series of breakfast briefings with Hitachi Solutions, by Daryl Henwood, CRM Industry Lead for Financial Services at Hitachi Solutions Europe.

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How can we increase customer engagement in insurance?
27th September 2016
An adaptation of Jimmy Williams speech in the closing panel of Customer Engagement in Insurance. In the panel titled ‘Can we change to survive?’ 3 expert panelists presented their vision of how customer engagement management is changing, how they are responding and what the implications are for the insurance industry.

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Should insurers buy data direct from their customers?
27th September 2016

Scott Logie, Managing Director at REaD Group Insight, who chaired an excellent session on data driven customer engagement at our recent Customer Engagement in Insurance event, explores the possibilities, risks and opportunities surrounding the concept of buying customer’s data, or incentivising customers to share more data with their insurer.

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CE16 exec summary cover
Customer Engagement in Insurance
Executive Summary
27th September 2016

An executive summary of the 2016 Customer Engagement in Insurance conference held on 27th September in London. The executive summary features the highlights and key takeaways of the complete conference.
A collaboration of The Insurance Network and Hitachi Solutions.

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Enabling Digital Transformation
Executive Summary
29th September 2016

Providing a multi-channel service for customers is just the tip of the iceberg, we now need to ensure we are providing a seamless omni-channel experience. This article is a summary of the discussion at the breakfast briefing held on 29th September and covers 4 important areas when enabling digital transformation in insurance.

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Creating an effective and efficient customer-centric experience

Highlights from The Insurance Network Breakfast Briefing by Daryl Henwood: CRM Industry Lead for Financial Services at Hitachi Solutions Europe.

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TINtech 2016 post-event press release
Insights into topics and themes at TINtech 2016

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Chairman’s summary from Indro Mukerjee, CEO, Watchstone Group plc

Chairman of the opening keynote and closing panel at TINtech 2016 shares his thoughts on the day.

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Cognitive Computing and Implications for BFSI

May 2016

The implications and opportunities for insurance in machine learning and cognitive computing, including the possibility of personality-based and contextual customer service.

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Seeking a single view of the customer: Why insurance needs to embrace omni-channel

Take a few minutes to read Why Insurance Needs To Embrace Omni-Channel a whitepaper by Jonathan Swift former Editor in Chief Insurance Age and now Content Director at Incisive Media.

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Driving Customer Engagement with a Customer-Centric Omni-Channel Strategy

Daryl Henwood from Hitachi Solutions shares his thoughts following the recent breakfast briefing, and explores some key success factors in steering a successful customer-centric omni-channel strategy.

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Closing thoughts from Justin Emrich, CIO, Atrium Underwriting

Justin was the closing speaker of the day at TINtech London Market, taking part in a panel discussion exploring these drivers for change, their impact for their business and how best we should respond. Here is a copy of his presentation to the audience and closing thoughts for the day.

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Valuing the strategic impact of claims

Pre-conference interview with Ian Thompson from Zurich

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Where’s the focus on insurance technology?
January 2016

The Insurance Network ran a survey with some of the leading insurance technology practictioners in Q4 2015 to establish the key issues and challenges facing the sector.

The results were used to facilitate a series of round table discussions to explore these challenges further.
The 30 respondents were insurers, brokers and suppliers more or less equally split across retail, SME and London market, (with 1 life representative).

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2015 & 2014 articles

See articles from 2015 & 2014

The issue of customer engagement in the insurance industry

Until a few years ago, companies used to operate on the basis of a product-centric philosophy. Delivering the best quality in correspondence to best price, to a certain extent, was enough to ensure a competitive market position…

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“Insurance is different”, it certainly will be
By Jeremy Burgess, The Insurance Network

Disruptive technologies have always been a driver of transformational change in industries, markets and organisations – not to mention society at large…

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Five strategies to increase project delivery success

It is well documented that consistently delivering projects successfully isn’t easy – just take a look at the Project Management Institute’s most recent Pulse of the Profession Report on project management. They found that across all industries, only 64% of projects are delivered successfully, wasting $109million in every $1billion invested in…

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TINtech 2015 Executive Commentary

Executives comments at TINtech 2015 via the exclusive mobile app

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Protect yourself from risk

Ensure your IT software delivers seamless performance and certainty in outcomes, providing quality customer experience

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Mitigating the risks of diverging expectations
By Colin Dean, Hyland

Corporates are grappling with heightened regulatory risks and the digital demands of the Facebook generation, while continuing to meet the needs of an aging customer base

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Bring Insurance into the Digital Age
By Robin Merttens, Ottair Limited

The first documented example of data analytics in insurance (although it wasn’t called that then) was in 1744. Two Presbyterian clergymen in Scotland, Alexander Webster and Robert Wallace decided to set up a life insurance fund for the widows and orphans of dead clergymen. The plan was that each clergyman…

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The smart insurer: embedding big data in corporate strategy
By Patrick Maeder, BearingPoint

Insurance companies have always generated business value from raw data, using the resulting insights in day-to-day activities like assessing risk, defining pricing models or improving client insights. Even as insurers look to improved analytics and a widening pool of data sources to improve and enhance existing business activities…

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Full review of the outcomes from London Market Claims 2014

Key interviews with participants from London Market Claims 2014

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TINtech 2015 Speaker Previews

Insights into the topics and themes at TINtech 2015

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Post Conference Summary: Strategic Claims Conference

Insight into the topics and themes at the Strategic Claims Conference 2015

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Post Conference Summary: TINtech London Market

Insight into the topics and themes at TINtech London Market 2015

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Post Conference Summary: London Market Claims 2014

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