3 things I've learnt to help improve London market claims performance during Covid


Ahead of the real-world London Market Claims conference on October 12thwe previewed some of the key issues and challenges that will need to be addressed to transform claims, achieve a digitally enabled claims operating model and drive up client service.

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What Covid-19 has done is accelerated what has been tried in the past. Anyway, to the mindset point, I think it has shifted the whole working from home mindset. I'd heard many times before [Covid] happened, if you're working from home, "you're not working Clare, are you, really?" And certainly I'm a big proponent for what I call beforehand the 'working from home mummies'. And [I shouldn't] say that anymore - it's parents as well as mummies. But that was what it was. And they were some of the hardest working people, in both my teams before, and this team. And so with this mindset shift, I'm really, really glad and I hope it continues that is understood people are being productive just as much, even more so in cases at home, as they are if they're in the office. What we need to do within our company, [and we've] already [...] started those conversations, is define 'what is productive in the office?' and 'what is productive more at home?' Some of your [...] product project focus when you need the very linear energy, you can do at home.

And also I don't think it's just about the venue either. I think it's also about the times we say "we're global". And certainly my company, my claims team is a global claims team. Even if they're sitting in London or in their home offices, they are dealing with clients all over the world. So why not use it as an opportunity to flex into different times as well as different venues? So that's that's where we are with our mindset. And we are having lots of discussions about what's very important to the purpose of the office. And when I say the purpose of the office, I mean the purpose of coming into the city so we can go and sit in any of our co-insurer's offices or the brokers offices to have client meetings. But I still am a massive proponent of face-to-face. But we can discuss that later.

And you asked me what my focus is on prioritising the claims service at the moment. So it's really to me, it's still all about the people and for this instance, my people, my team, and looking at it from the customer perspective. So everyone's had to embrace massive uncertainty. So when the biggest things I've done, is helped my team with courses and tools and everything to embrace change themselves, so they've had to embrace it personally and professionally. They kind of had to hold the hands of some of our clients through it. And clients, quite rightly, still demanded speed and demanded transparency and demanded communication, whatever form it was in. So we've really, really focussed on that at the moment.

And then, like everyone else, we are also looking at [...] where we are in the market modernisation journey - Blueprint Two and we can discuss that in the moment. And also, what's our internal journey? We know there are certain different types of claims and different types of claims can have different solutions to make them the cheapest, cheapest way of processing it and the fastest way of processing it, but still then focussing on understanding the data and really what the client needs at the end of the day, which robots haven't worked out empathy yet. So we still do empathy. We still do all of that experience and insights we have. That's how we can keep benefiting the customer and paying their claims quickly as [possible].