Digital Claims Annual Report


Placing the customer at the heart of claims

Welcome to the Digital Claims 2020 Annual Report. The report will focus on how insurance organisations can use claims to transform the customer experience and give themselves a competitive advantage.

The report is based on the results of the Digital Claims pre-event survey and interviews with industry and technology leaders. It also incorporates more extensive research into technology offerings for the insurance sector.

The report explores:

  • Transformational change and trends
  • Putting the customer at the heart of claims
  • Top claims technology priorities and objectives
  • Developing the skills and capabilities to deliver a claims centric culture

My thanks as ever to survey participants, conference attendees and speakers for taking part in the report.

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Current & future trends

Data-driven change is now inevitable. The industry has finally acknowledged that the way to achieve this is by embracing new technologies and using them to drive innovation and improve claims processes. Those who choose to unlock the strategic value of claims by leveraging digital will transform their operations, deliver efficiencies and make a direct impact on the bottom line.

“We need better insight into the possibilities of straight-through claims management with digital transformation, as well as the associated risks and safeguards."

Discussions with industry leaders and responses to our pre-event survey highlighted two themes people were keen to discuss. Over 50% of respondents said they wanted to learn more about future trends for claims technology. With technology advancing so quickly, it’s understandable that the industry would want to ensure they invest in technology with longevity.

“Understanding of the opportunities in relation to existing and future technologies in the claims environment.”

Best Practice

Most respondents were also keen to discuss what...

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