Digital Transformation in Claims


Digital Transformation in Claims

In the build up to the Digital Claims taking place on 19th March 2019 I spoke to Ian Thompson, Group Chief Claims Officer at Zurich Insurance about how culture change is key to successful digital transformation and the challenges posed by customers’ ever increasing demands for transparency throughout the claims process.

How important is communication with the customer and do digital channels provide the sense of control customers’ desire? 

Communication with the customer has always been a critical element in delivering the claims service proposition, though traditionally insurers have struggled to consistently achieve customer satisfaction. Digitalisation continuously raises the bar in terms of expectations, with many customers now expecting full transparency throughout their claims journey. The challenge for insurers is how to not just meet today’s expectations but to keep pace with ongoing developments.


Can a successful digital transformation radically reinvent the claims customer journey with the help of AI, digital technologies and the claims ecosystem?

Digital transformation can help reinvent the customer journey, but, to do so it requires culture change and workforce evolution. Recreating the customer experience and simplifying claim settlement requires a change of mind set. The industry must innovate new ideas that will bring enhanced service propositions to market quickly and within the context of a broader service ecosystem. Our operating models also need to evolve, shifting from functional silos to agile and multi-skilled teams collaborating to deliver the service proposition. Critically, we must significantly enhance our ability to utilise data to drive automation and insight.


Does capitalising upon opportunities require a deeper understanding of the customer?

Sustainability in our highly competitive environment requires a deep understanding of the customer and their expectations … not just to meet needs, but also to anticipate them. This demands different capabilities of our operating models and people. As well as developing skills not traditionally present in insurers, we also need to embed agility, innovation and design thinking into our day-to-day ways of working.


Ian will be covering these and other issues in his keynote presentation at Digital Claims in March.


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Authored by myComply Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Neil Reddekopp and AXA XL Senior Construction Risk Engineer James Stengel