Will Blueprint Two help improve customer outcomes?


Jeremy Burgess talks to Clare Constable from HDI Global Specialty SE, discussing whether Blueprint Two will help improve customer outcomes and claims in the London market.

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Will Blueprint Two help improve customer outcomes?

Jeremy: I think at the [London Market Claims] conference over the years, we've been critical about actually not focusing on the customer. We've been too focused on our internal processes and and making them more efficient or doing this rather than saying, well, "do any of these processes really help the customer"? [We] should be really fundamentally rethinking what we're doing there. What are your thoughts in terms of the central modernisation initiatives, your initiatives internally? Do you feel like they're on the same track? Are they divergent? And do you think they're going to help improve customer outcomes in the long run?

Clare: Well, so to me, the customer still wants. So if we look at what they want, they want speed. They want to be communicated with, all throughout, and they want transparency. And from everything that I'm hearing from Blueprint Two, I mean, that is massively bold move for them to say that that their ambition here is to become the most technologically advanced insurance marketplace. That's what they're setting themselves out to do. And from what I've heard recently, it is now beginning to become a reality for what I'm hearing. Which I'm really, really - this is good. And they are talking about the democratisation of data right first time. Just getting on with it. And that's kind of the backbone underneath and much more about communication transparency. And I was very pleased when in Lloyd's Blueprint Two, you saw it say this is not just for claims, it is just as much about the company market as it is the Lloyd's market. Because again, and I'm saying this from a company market perspective, the customer and the broker, with your distribution thing, we they don't need 30 different solutions. We just want one easy thing that we can all join into one process. And a differentiation should then be the service that we add on to that, and especially in the specialty market where some of these are quite complex matters that still need a human helping hand.

Jeremy: Yeah, OK. Well that's that's that's good. I think over the next...

Clare: I'm being positive today Jeremy...

Jeremy: I think so. It is a glass half full day.

Clare: Yes, it is.

Jeremy: And I think in October we can, we can discuss and see what happens over the next two or three months and and Lloyd's will be giving us an update at the real world event so we can look forward to to that.

Clare: Ah fantastic.

Jeremy: And the progress that's been made. I think I think what I would like to see is some real tangible outcomes.

Clare: Like. Exactly. I couldn't agree more. But from everything I'm hearing, all the webinars and everything that they're showing, where they've got to on the journey. And then the last one I heard what was at the end of April they did a six months old Blueprint Two update. They were very much saying what we need to hear now, is this is now becoming a reality. Yes. Like you I'm desperate to then actually see that, particularly with claims. But I'm hoping when we actually have this in October, we'll be further down the line and we will have already started to see it.

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