Report: enabling claims transformation in general insurance


Report: enabling claims transformation in general insurance

This report provides a summary of the themes raised across Virtual Digital Claims in November and references the results of the pre-event survey.

November’s Virtual Digital Claims event was an opportunity to bring together industry experts to explore how digital technology can unlock and enable better claims processes, drive innovation, improve the GI claims experience, and deliver the strategic value of claims to the organisation. Rather than attempting to summarise all 5 sessions, this report provides a summary of the themes raised across the sessions and references the results of the pre-event survey.

The opening session centred around the strategic vision for claims in the digital world, exploring how the last year has highlighted both resilience & gaps in digital capabilities, and has changed customer expectations. The panellists were Melanie Kill, Claims Transformation Director at AXA, Eileen Potter, Solution Marketing Manager, Insurance at ABBYY and Ian Thompson, Group Chief Claims Officer at Zurich Insurance, and was chaired by Jeremy Burgess of TIN, who started the session by asking the panel to share their thoughts on the strategic vision for claims in a digital world. In response Eileen Potter stressed the importance of having a “North Star” or strategic vision, but also advocated breaking it down and addressing the needs and concerns of all key stakeholders in the claims process; the customer, employees as well as the organisation itself.

The customer

Melanie Kill of AXA introduced a major theme that resonated through the day: that customer choice should be the key focus, and that it’s a mistake to assume that a customer’s first choice is always digital, and especially as we come out of the pandemic that it’s also a mistake to assume that because customers behaved in one way during lockdown that they will continue to do so (or indeed that we should push them to do so).

There’s no doubt that there is an appetite to use digital channels in some claim scenarios, and that the more you enable the digital channel the more people will use it:

“We've seen more notifications (of loss) come through electronically as we've built that capability, and that's without having significantly marketed it to our customers…it's usually a mobile phone or tablet when it is coming through electronically, so, people are wanting the ease of being able to do something at the time and in the place that suits them. I think the more that we enable that, the more that it will grow.”

But while there are huge opportunities to automate processes in claims (both for the customer and the claims handler) it is important to understand that a digital journey will not be appropriate for all circumstances and that some claims (regardless of complexity) will require human empathy and expertise, and more vulnerable customers may require a more hands-on human-centred personal service.

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