How to improve London market claims service


With Scott Kellers, Head of Syndicate Claims and Deputy Head of Liberty Specialty Markets Group Claims

Ahead of the real-world London Market Claims conference on October 12th, Jeremy Burgess hosted an exclusive London Market Claims Preview Show, interviewing some of the guest speakers who'll be joining the real-world event.

In this highlight from the London Market Claims Preview Show, Jeremy Burgess spoke to Scott Kellers, Head of Syndicate Claims, Deputy Head of Liberty Specialty Markets Group Claims, on his 3 perspectives on how to improve London market claims service.

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We've looked at [improving London market claims] from three different perspectives; the customer experience; data and people. And to expand on those points, in relation to customer experience, we firmly believe at Liberty that there are different points of the claim lifecycle where you can engage the client, claimant and/or the broker. That being, you know, when we see some precursors to a claim that could be anything from MIS Mapping geographically through satellites, the footprint of a catastrophe and then looking at where that may impact policies, and how we use that data to work with our clients to put them on notice that there could be a potential loss, and how they then engage with loss mitigation to get some support services from us. And we want to be there to support the clients as soon as we can. And [...] through the claim, once the claim hits, it's making sure that we're there to support the client and every part of the journey that they're going through. And then also, once we've gone through the claim, it's learning all [of] the lessons that we can out of that scenario and out of that claim event and then apply that to to future events.

I think we also have an opportunity, being the insurer and reinsurer globally that we are, we're involved in lots of different scenarios that our clients often aren't. So we can share that wisdom and that knowledge to try and make the whole process of claims handling smoother and more efficient for everybody.

As we go into data, it's making sure that the data we have is accurate, and it's taking the opportunity where we have to get some data driven insights to support claims outcomes and to look at preventing risk management and ensuring that we've got the info as quick as we can, trying to look to how we can move payments as fast as we can and ultimately make the claims experience as best we can, recognising that it's a very difficult time for everybody concerned.

And then finally, I think people - that the market is entirely people based. It's making sure that our colleagues are comfortable and they're well equipped and they have all the information and tools necessary to deliver an outstanding claims service wherever they work.

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