Hubio at Strategic Claims 2017


Hubio at Strategic Claims 2017

A summary from Hubio, a sponsor of Strategic Claims 2017. This press release provides a brief overview of discussion findings that took place on 2nd March and also get another chance to receive a copy of the Hubio digital systems report if you did not pick one up at the conference.

The insurance industry has an energy about it never experienced before, our team reflected on yesterday’s Strategic Claims Conference. It appears that there is a real appetite to change.

The challenge for IT and innovation departments is grappling with existing systems to achieve positive change without impacting day-to-day business, increasing costs or reducing staff morale.

Working with Craig Beattie, Senior Insurance Analyst, Celent Insurance, we shared our Pre-Release Report – The Case for the New Modern System which tackled these challenges. If you did not pick up a copy at Strategic Claims, please email ann.smith@hubio.com or call 01276 600 571 in the first instance to receive a copy.

The challenge of developing an effective claims strategy is becoming ever more complex – the report focuses on how digital technologies and changing customer expectations have rapidly changed the insurance landscape whilst the pressure to reduce claims costs has intensified – and how to address these challenges.

 About Hubio

Hubio shapes its strategy and solution development to align with the constantly-changing insurance environment. Our Hubio ICE Policy and ICEClaims suite fully supports the customer journey through every touchpoint. We enable insurers to engage with customers in the way they want to engage, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

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