Virtual TINtech Event Summary


Virtual TINtech Event Summary

This report explores key insights to enable your transformation strategy


This report summarises the discussions at Virtual TINtech held on December 8th and the pre-event survey conducted by The Insurance Network. In the keynote session, Sarah Greasley, Chief Technology Officer at Direct Line Group and Chris Payne, EMEIA Insurance Technology Leader at EY (the main sponsor of the event and survey) discussed ‘Enabling the Digital Insurer’ and overcoming the practical challenges to enable transformational change.

In order to understand drivers for transformation are most important, the pre-event survey asked “What is your biggest driver for digital transformation?” Revealingly ‘increasing operational agility’ outperformed ‘improving the customer experience’ and ‘achieving process efficiencies’, and in the first poll during the keynote session (“Where are you currently focusing digital transformation initiatives in your organization”) ‘enabling growth’ came out on top, ahead of 'Improving customer experience', 'Streamlining IT/operations' and 'Improving MI/decision making'.


Recent Shifts

There is no questioning the recent shift from product centricity to customer centricity, but it seems that for many the focus of digital transformation is now as much on enabling an agile, future fit and change ready organisation as it is on improving the digital customer experience.

Sarah Greasley articulated this ...

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