What will be the purpose of the office post Covid?


With Ben Bolton, Managing Director at Gracechurch Consulting

Ahead of the real-world London Market Claims conference on October 12th, Jeremy Burgess hosted an exclusive London Market Claims Preview Show, interviewing some of the guest speakers who'll be joining the real-world event.

In this highlight from the London Market Claims Preview Show, Jeremy Burgess spoke to Ben Bolton on his thoughts of the post Covid office.

Ben talks about:

  • The demand for a flexible, hybrid worklife 
  • The role of technology to deliver real change
  • Avoiding reverting back to the old way of working

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So I don't think that there will be 'one size fits all', because there wasn't before [Covid]. I think big companies will need to have policies and procedures in place, but I also think they'll need to relax those policies and procedures so that people can have a more hybrid, flexible way of working. I mean, that's as much about commuting as it is about the objectives of the job. And I think to some extent, people will ask for that and demand it, and they'll say that the reason for that is that we can prove that we can work at home and you can trust us. Right? So there should be a more grown up feel to the market, I think. But as I said, it's not 'one size fits all'. I think there'll be, in terms of working offices, I think it will be, you know, an accelerated version of perhaps what we had before [Covid]. Perhaps middle [management], more senior people will be able to work at home as they've already got networks. Younger people will be in the offices. They'll be building networks, you know, like a fire in the belly. They want to push the industry forward.

And then I come back to "right let's now think about how we could do this better". Let's not make the existing processes better. Let's get new processes. Let's really have those conversations, generate those ideas and think about how we can make this better, not just [...] blindly take systems and processes and technologies and say, "oh, look, if we do that, (you know, rather like Loyd's Blueprint), if we just do that, it will all be better". Let's actually really think it through and have more conversations. So I don't care, particularly, whether they are online or in person, but they seem to work better in person when we're creative, about the future and what we do. Some of this work I've seen [has started], particularly in some of the DA (Delegated Authority) projects that have been done in the Lloyd's market, and I really commend that. That's much better type of work than people sitting down with bloody wiring diagrams the whole time, which is what tends to happen. So I'm very keen to say wherever we do it, we have to have more conversations and they should be the same sorts of conversations that we start to land on some things that are really going to work and [...] really change things.

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