Achieving Digital Transformation in Insurance

Webinar  |  19th September 2018  |  13:00 GMT

Achieving Digital Transformation in Insurance

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Enabling and empowering IT and operations to deliver digital transformation

Digital transformation is a priority for every insurance organisation. The challenge is determining how to devise and deploy a successful digital strategy that drives innovation, meets changing customer expectations and improves the bottom line.

Digital transformation is not an end state in itself—but a journey—improving agility to continuously evolve your business operations. Simply having electronic content is NOT enough.

This webinar will explore the people, process and technology challenges you need to overcome to fully grasp the opportunities that digital transformation presents.


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Topics covered include:

  • The distinct stages of transformation – if you have done these three things then you know you are on your way to digital transformation
  • Helping IT get the digital vision and enabling operations to support the change
  • Three ideas and examples to guide your digital transformation journey
  • Using your digital data to fundamentally change the way you use it and draw value from it
  • Avoiding a ‘digital impasse’ – ensuring your strategy delivers tangle business benefits

Watch the webinar

13:05 Enabling Digital Transformation - Your Content in Disguise?

  • The 'spark' needed for true transformation to take place
  • The stages of transformation
  • The enemy of digital transformation
Colleen Alber
Product Evangelist
Hyland Software

13:20 Overcoming the practical challenges of digital transformation

  • Getting the strategic transformation plan right and achieving buy in across the organisation
  • Digital transformation is not an end point - it is a state of mind
  • Understanding the complex people, process and technology challenges and changes that will need to be worked through
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls and organisational resistance that can undermine the transformation strategy
  • 4 tips for achieving successful and sustainable digital transformation
Tim Yorke
Transformation Director