TINtech London Market 2020

Driving innovation and enabling successful change in the London market

155 Bishopsgate, London

In 12 months the London market insurance landscape has changed dramatically, with implications for all market participants.

The TOM has been superseded by the ambitious Future at Lloyd’s initiative and Blueprint One. Questions are being asked over the technology, capabilities and skills that are required to deliver the project – not to mention the culture change to embrace the necessary innovations.

The critical need to cut costs and the drive to deliver more customer centric products and services has pushed the market to a tipping point where transformational change is no longer a ‘nice to have’ to keep customers and shareholders happy, but a ‘must have’ to survive and prosper.

Technology will be the driver of innovation and the catalyst for new products. It can facilitate improved customer service, enable more streamlined operations and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Now is the time to grasp the opportunities on offer and transform traditional systems and processes.


09:00 Keynote Presentations

Dealing with fast, unpredictable change
Grasping the opportunities in the London market

  • Assessing the disruptive forces impacting the entire value chain
  • The pressure to change products, processes and service
  • Leveraging data to transform the way we understand risk
  • Moving to a client focused, service-oriented model
  • Who will be the winners and losers in the new world order?

10:45 Morning Coffee

11:15 Discussion Sessions

Discussion session 1

Transforming operating model – people, process & technology

Developing new skills, capabilities and technology to enable an agile operating model

Why are we so bad at change? Key criteria for successfully changing operating models
Ingrid Woodward
Head of IT & Operations
CNA Hardy

The challenge of modernising legacy to drive efficiency and enable innovation
Turlough O'Brien
Head of IT, Commercial
Aviva Plc
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Discussion session 2

Market modernisation & Blueprint One

Next steps for tackling legacy, driving out costs and enabling innovation

The Future at Lloyd’s – a broker’s perspective. Driving transformational change and adoption across the market
James Livett
Associate Director

Overcoming the practical challenges in delivering the next phase of modernisation

Louise Day
Director of Operations
International Underwriting Association
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Discussion session 3

Intelligent automation

Leveraging new technologies to deliver efficiency and agility

Overcoming the practical challenges of applying RPA within insurance
Alison Sergeant
SVP Head of IT Services and Operations
RenaissanceRe UK

CASE STUDY: Scaling automation – enabling end-to-end processing through intelligent automation
Alistair Barrett
RKH Group Limited
Paul Wright
RPA Project Manager
RKH Group Limited
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13:00 Lunch in the exhibition room

14:00 Workshops and panel discussions

Workshop 1

Improving the client experience

Leveraging digital to create better products, transform the client journey and deliver competitive advantage

Developing a digital trading platform to improve the client experience

Tom Squires
Head of Digital Trading
AEGIS London


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Workshop 2

Enabling RPA in the London market

Overcoming the data & operational challenges to enable RPA

CASE STUDY: 5 key criteria for getting RPA right

Brendon Moodley
Head of Data and Analytics
Aspen Insurance

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Workshop 3

Panel Discussion

The Future at Lloyd’s

Delivering Blueprint One and beyond

Rob Myers
Operations Director
Justin Emrich
Atrium Underwriting Group
Ben Reid
Director of Strategy

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15:00 Coffee in the exhibition room

15:20 Workshops

Workshop 1

Successfully delivering change and innovation

Delivering successful change programmes in complex insurance organisations

Sarah Cahill
Transformation Director
Canopius Group
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Workshop 2

Next generation cloud technology

“Platform as a Service” to enable digital transformation, operational agility and reduce costs

Keith Bucknall
IT & Programme Director
Miles Smith Insurance Group
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Workshop 3

Overcoming data integration challenges to improve the client experience

Overcoming data integration challenges to improve the client experience

Mark Chapman
Group CIO
Global Aerospace
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16:20 Grab a quick drink and move to the next session

16:30 Closing panel discussion

The London Insurance Market 2025
The strategic implications of new digital technologies, data and a changing insurance landscape

Why is London so far behind the transformational curve? What will it take to catch up in the next decade?

Our panel will explore how London can embrace transformation on a cultural, technological and operational level to implement the changes that are necessary for long term relevance, sustainable growth and ongoing success.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Will the 'London Matters 2020' sound depressingly similar to the first iteration in 2015?
  • If we are at a tipping point of transformation - why is the pace of change so glacial? 
  • We all know that doing nothing is no longer an option - but are we all doing enough?

    Our expert panel will discuss the issues raised and questions submitted by the audience in advance of the event and during the day via the event app.
Bent Isachsen
Operations Director
QIC Global
Colin O'Malley
Head of Operations
Placing Platform
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17:15 Drinks reception

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