Mind Foundry is an Oxford University company. Founded by world-leading academics, our mission is to create a future where humans and AI work together to solve the world’s most important problems. Operating at the intersection of innovation, research, and usability, we empower teams with AI built for the real world.

Our work focuses on the responsible use of AI in high-stakes applications where decisions affect the lives of individuals or are made at the scale of populations. The Mind Foundry Platform powers comprehensive offerings for the most complex problems in insurance, infrastructure, and defence & security.

Our technology has been used to solve some of the most challenging applications of Machine Learning and AI, from insurance fraud detection to complex signal processing, empowering teams to tackle the issues that matter most to them whilst promoting the responsible and transparent usage of AI.

In insurance, we focus on transforming the role of the insurer with a suite of data-driven, personalised, real-time, AI-powered products to drive growth, improve efficiency, and enable a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviour.

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