Leveraging data and advanced analytics to transform London market operations

Overcoming legacy, data standards and process challenges to enable efficient, customer centric London market operations

The Gherkin

Data has always been at the centre of London market operations, but the lack of standardized, digital data and the capabilities to move it around the market seamlessly has contributed to slow customer service, inefficient processes and an inability to harness new technologies.

However, as leading organisations enable their digital transformation strategies, tackling these data challenges has become an imperative, both to enhance products and services, but also to enable automation and drive out cost.

What’s more, with Lloyd’s Blueprint Two’s digital spine putting data at the heart of the modernisation agenda, and the Core Data Record defining minimum required data points, companies urgently need to prepare for a rapidly evolving data landscape.

This breakfast briefing will explore 3 key operational challenges:

  • How to standardise and extract data to enable efficient rate, quote, bind and policy issue
  • Overcome the practical operational and technology challenges to enable change
  • Where will automation and other advanced analytics capabilities positively impact London market operations?

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Contributions from:

Saki Thethy
Head of Data and Market Relationships
Miller Insurance Services


08:00 Registration, tea and coffee

08.15   Breakfast of your choice with views over the city

08.40 Introduction by the chair

08.50 Presentation

Overcoming the practical challenges to leverage data in London market operations

  • Harnessing the power of increasing data and analytics capabilities in London
  • Simplifying, automating and optimising insurance processes
  • Key challenges in mindset, operations and technology
  • Are we at the tipping point moment?


Saki Thethy
Head of Data and Market Relationships
Miller Insurance Services

09.05 Roundtable discussions and feedback

10:00 Close

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