Achieving a digital operating model in the London market

Overcoming the practical challenges to streamline processes, leverage automation and transform the client experience

As we emerge from lockdown and grapple with FAL and BP2, many in the London market are reassessing their operating models and exploring ways to build new digital capabilities that will not only positively transform traditional ways of working, but also enable a more client centric operating model.

There is renewed will and momentum to embrace and deliver change. However, organisations need to overcome complex challenges around people, process, technology and (especially) data if they are to successfully deliver this transformation.

Attend this virtual round table to explore and benchmark:

  • What the future London market operating model looks like
  • Where operations can be streamlined or transformed
  • Assessing where and how automation can be applied and developing a robust business case around agility & capability
  • Key criteria to deliver successful digital transformation




Contributions from:

Darren Sharp
Chief Information Officer
Tokio Marine Kiln
Jeremy Burgess
The Insurance Network



10:00 Meeting begins with introduction by the chair

10:05  Introductory presentations

Delivering the post lockdown, digitally enabled operating model

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What the London market operating model will look like
  • The implications for technology, skills, capabilities and data within insurers and brokers
  • Embracing technology innovations to deliver agility, reduce frictional costs and grasp growth opportunities
  • Building on the digital foundations to deliver lasting, positive change
Darren Sharp
Chief Information Officer
Tokio Marine Kiln

10:20  Roundtable discussions and feedback

11:00 Close

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