Reimagining & delivering
engaging digital customer journeys

Virtual roundtable   |   15th July   |  14:00 - 15:00

Reimagining & delivering engaging digital customer journeys

Overcoming the practical challenges to deliver seamless, omni-channel experiences

Delivering customer centric, omni-channel experiences is top of the agenda for leading insurance companies – in the post COVID digital world, customers demand voice and messaging options from their insurer, at a time that suits them - and with the ability to seamlessly switch channels.

The challenge is how do you meet these rapidly escalating expectations whilst also speeding up resolution times, reducing demand failure and delivering efficiencies.

Transforming how customers interact with you is easier said than done in large, complex organisations with engrained ways of working. This virtual round table discussion will explore two fundamental challenges:


  1. Devising a customer focused digital strategy and operating model

  2. Successfully deploying digital tools to deliver true omni-channel experiences, enable self-service and leverage the benefits of asynchronistic messaging

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Contributions from:

Chris Thompson
Global Head of Mobile & Public Websites | CIO
Kelly Ward
Chief Sales and Distribution Officer
AXA Partners



14:00 Welcome from the chair

14:05  Two introductory presentations

Understanding and meeting changing customer expectations in a digital world


  • What does the future customer service model look like?

  • Using systems thinking to map and review your current customer journeys

  • The technology to support and enable seamless customer experiences

  • Overcoming the practical challenges of delivering omni-channel experiences

  • Realising the ROI and continually improving service

Chris Thompson
Global Head of Mobile & Public Websites | CIO
Kelly Ward
Sales and Distribution Director
AXA Partners

14:25  Roundtable discussions and feedback

15:00 Close