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27th February 2023

If you have any problems during the registration process or would like to book more than six places, please call us on 020 7079 0270 and we'll happily take your registration over the phone. Registration is for practitioners* only. Suppliers of services** cannot attend as delegates and should not register.

Please contact Phil Middleton by phone on 020 7079 0270 or email for sponsorship opportunities.

* We define brokers, insurers, TPAs and loss/claims adjustors as practitioners

** We define consultants, law firms, technology and software vendors and companies offering any other service to our praxtitiioner audiance as suppliers.

Members of the press/trade publicationsand recruitment consultants are not invited to participate or attend

Register for: Tin Event Name (27th February 2023)

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Name of radio option £199 + VAT

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So that we can use your name. job title and company details on the web app and other networking elements of the event we need your permission. The details you have provided when registering will be shared with all attendees and sponsors on the day, your information will not be shared with third parties.


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