Blueprint Two and Market Modernisation - a quick 101 guide: Part 2


This is an updated list of resources to keep you up to speed and informed of the latest Blueprint Two market modernisation initiatives, along with articles and analysis intended to help you navigate the best response for your organisation.

Updated Blueprint Two Playbook for Managing Agents

The Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) has released an updated managing agent Blueprint Two Playbook. The Playbook has been created to provide managing agents with the tools and knowledge required to implement the Blueprint Two market transformation initiatives.

The LMA has made the decision to launch this Playbook as online only (on the new Velonetic website) to ensure it is easily accessible and simple to maintain with new or revised content. The Playbook is broken down into phases to provide detailed insight on each stage of the rollout and to answer any questions that the market might have on what is required and how to prepare for it.

Access the playbook 



Operations Quarterly Update from the LMA

An update (issued 13 July 2023) from the LMA's Operations Director Rob Myers for Lloyd’s market Chief Operating Officers.

Read the update

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