Interview: Rene Schoenauer on digital transformation


TIN and Guidewire collaborate in this exclusive interview on overcoming the challenges the achieve digital transformation

The digital clinic that TIN co-hosted with Guidewire in January marked the end of a research programme that sought to identify and tackle the key challenges in digital transformation as the insurance sector responds to the pandemic and the demands of the digital age it has helped precipitate.

The clinic featured a Q&A session where Jeremy Burgess from TIN asked questions submitted by our audience to an expert panel. The panel featured Steven Zuanella, Group Chief Digital Officer at Generali, Jacob Abboud, former CIO at Allianz and AXA, and René Schoenauer, Director of Product Marketing EMEA at Guidewire. Topics discussed included achieving reducing friction and achieving customer centricity, legacy, data, and organisational culture.

Following the session, Jeremy spoke to René at Guidewire to ask for his reflections on the discussions, and some of the issues raised. Watch René's interview in the video below now.

For more analysis and insights, why not check out Guidewire's report, Overcoming the business challenges to achieve digital transformation here.

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