Operational Resilience Report


On February 8th 2022 more than 200 insurance industry executives attended TINtech London Market, the sector’s leading technology strategy event. This report summarises the operational resilience session that was sponsored by WNS and featured ‘on the day’ contributions from Stefan Nadarajan, the Chief Operating Officer at Globe Underwriting and James Livett, Associate Director of LIIBA, and Adrian Guttridge, VP of Insurance at WNS. Sadly the pandemic cast its shadow over this session, and Chris Coyne, Chief Operating Officer at Enstar Group was unable to join us on the day, but he was instrumental in putting the session together and some of his views and perspectives are included in this report. Thanks to all of the contributors for their candour. The session sought to establish key steps in achieving operational resilience, explore some of the challenges, but also the opportunities in finding value in ‘compliance’.

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