TINtech 2022 Innovation Stage executive summary


An executive summary of the Innovation Stage presentations at TINtech, held on 11th October 2022, sponsored by Guidewire.


This report is a summary of the Innovation Stage at TINtech 2022 on October 11th which was sponsored by Guidewire and chaired by René Schoenauer, Director, Product Marketing, EMEA at Guidewire, who TIN interviewed prior to authoring the report. René explained that Guidewire chose to sponsor the Innovation Stage because globally they help more than 500 insurers to innovate through new technology, through Guidewire Marketplace, a community and curated collection of proven insuretech solutions, and Vanguards, a new Guidewire initiative designed to help insurers learn about the hottest-new insuretechs which brings together insurers and insuretechs so they can test and learn, experiment and innovate.

René Schoenauer’s summing up reflected the audience’s appreciation of the mix of topics. The speakers didn’t just focus on the technology, but also considered broader issues in the world we’re living in today, the macro-economic changes that nobody foresaw, and underscored the fact that people and culture are as essential to enabling innovation as technology.

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