Our team of experts with in-depth, practical business and technology experience works with insurance companies, managing agents, MGAs, brokers and the entire value chain in the London market. We focus on the end customer experience and the best technology and architecture fit for each client’s specific purpose.

Our team consists of analysts, developers, testers, project managers and product owners. Customers either ask us to augment their teams or run end-to-end projects.

In our previous roles the Acini team has worked with many different international insurers (in the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium as well as London Market / specialty carriers) where we honed our insurance specifics skills and capabilities.
We ran and were responsible for various projects including business transformations, policy admin/billing/claims platforms replacement, digital portals, integrations, reconciliations, reporting and London Market messaging.

Our name Acini comes from Latin word acinus which means ‘berry’ or ‘cluster of cells’: Acini is about many independent teams or team members working together to bring more value for our customers. It also stands for our approach that everyone can make a decision as long as one can take responsibility for it, and symbolises our trust in the network effect.

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