The insurance industry faces a complex horizon. But for insurers reviewing the relevance of their existing plans, there remains one constant; the need to maintain a competitive commercial edge. To achieve this requires agile decision making based on accurate, timely data. Outwards Reinsurance (ORi) data touches every part of your business, but is your data genuinely accurate or timely?

At Cenata we have 100’s of years expertise in ORi. For agility in your decision making, you need to be made aware on a 24/7 basis via all mobile devices that you have potential exposure threats, significant claims activity or leakage (as defined by you) and that overall, your reinsurance contracts are responding as expected. Downstream notifications to underwriting, finance, actuarial and placing are automatic and immediate such that your response is effective, whether tactically or strategically.

Our software solution, CenataSure, is designed to make available all the data involved in the gross to net process, irrespective of contract complexity. Its Reporting and Business Intelligence analysis tools deliver the necessary notifications and supporting data at a granular and aggregate level to whoever needs it. Full management and regulatory reporting comes as standard.

Optimise decision making with your ORi data and push ahead of your competition with CenataSure.

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