ICE delivers game changing insurance software in a matter of weeks, not years.  Their award-winning solutions include – ICE Policy, ICE Claims, ICE Billing, ICE Digital and ICE Analytics - collectively covering the entire journey of an insurance customer. The components are completely flexible, so you can pick and choose which services to implement.

Their cloud native, scalable and configurable solutions power the market leaders of today from Ticker, the AA, Peppercorn Insurance and MORE THAN

MORE THAN recently went live on the ICE platform in a timescale not experienced by MORE THAN’s competitors – 9 months. This has set a new precedent for Tier 1 Insurers. ICE has launched MORE THAN in a phenomenal time frame, whilst delivering cost savings and improving customer experience through self-serve.

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From an idea to a premium of £200 million: The Ticker and ICE InsureTech partnership


Why did ICE go Cloud Native?


What does no code configuration mean to ICE?


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