Digital Claims 2024

Transforming claims to improve customer service and deliver efficiencies

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Transforming the way claims are processed and settled is a key priority for leading organisations striving to improve customer journeys, drive retention, deliver efficiencies and create sustainable competitive advantage. 

Rapid developments in digital technologies, data analytics and automation have provided an opportunity to deliver a truly omni-channel, personalised experience for customers, and free up claims teams to focus on solving complex challenges and delivering better customer outcomes. 

However, ensuring your investments in claims transformation deliver positive change is easier said than done, and requires a holistic approach encompassing technology, people processes and culture. 

This year Digital Claims will focus on how you overcome the practical challenges to effectively deliver this change, and explore the latest claims innovations.  

Topics to be covered include:

  • Leveraging digital to drive up engagement, retention and build sustainable competitive advantage
  • Harnessing the power of automation and A.I to deliver a better customer (and employee) experience 
  • Transforming the customer experience through data & analytics, self service and transparent claims processes
  • Improving resolution times and reducing claims expenses

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