London Market Claims 2021

Delivering successful claims transformation in the London market

Etc. Fenchurch Street

The London Insurance Market is breaking new ground as it strives to drive up claims performance for clients, leverage the benefits of digital to transform outdated claims operations and deliver much needed efficiencies.

At a market level The Future at Lloyd’s and Blueprint Two has put claims transformation at the heart of the modernisation agenda, whilst at the same time leading insurers and brokers are developing innovative ways to drive up claims service.

Change is coming, but the key challenge is how you successfully deliver claims transformation that delivers ROI and improves the client experience.

Attend London Market Claims to:

  • Leverage technology to enable and improve your claims processes
  • Explore the impact ‘The Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint Two’ will have on claims
  • Deliver an exceptional claims service that meets clients expectations and new digital risks
  • Discuss approaches to transforming claims mindset & culture through innovation


08:00 - 09:00  |  Registration, coffee and networking

09:05 - 09:15   |   Introductory keynote

Delivering claims transformation in 2022



  • Ensuring Blueprint Two delivers real changes to claims processes in Lloyd’s
  • Overcoming market wide claims data challenges to triage claims and speed up settlement
  • Encouraging Syndicates, Companies and Brokers to innovate away from the central core
Ian Gibbard
London Market Lead
Guidewire London Market


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09:15 - 09:45  |  Keynote presentation

Can London respond to a rapidly changing global insurance marketplace?

Building the capabilities and workforce to deliver claims excellence in the London market


  • Delivering a client claims service that delivers growth and competitive advantage
  • The threat of global insurance capacity competing for London’s traditional business
  • Reducing London’s expenses


Matthew Moore, President and Managing Director, Liberty Specialty Markets
Matthew Moore
President and Managing Director
Liberty Specialty Markets
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09:40 - 10:10  |  Presentation

Where next for London market claims? The Insurance Network Gracechurch Report 2021

Predictions and perspectives from across the market on the future of claims


  • What has happened to claims service during the pandemic?
  • Where are the opportunities for growth and building competitive advantage around claims?
  • Renewing our focus on customers outcomes
Ben Bolton
Founder and Managing Director
Gracechurch Consulting


10:10 - 10:30  |   Keynote panel discussion

Overcoming today’s challenges to enable the future of claims in the London market

Reimagining the future of insurance and role of claims


  • What do customers want, and what’s stopping us meeting those expectations?
  • How ESG guidance, litigation and technology modernisation is driving transformational change
  • Covid – what lessons have we learned on stress testing our resources and expertise?
  • Effectively responding to these drivers to deliver the advantages and mitigate the downsides


Julia Graham, CEO, Airmic
Julia Graham
Philip Godwin
Head of Claims
Matthew Moore, President and Managing Director, Liberty Specialty Markets
Matthew Moore
President and Managing Director
Liberty Specialty Markets
Rob Powell, Global Chief Claims Officer, Marsh
Rob Powell
Global Chief Claims Officer
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10:30 - 11:00  |  Coffee and networking in the exhibition area

11:00 - 11:50   |   Choose one of the two workshops

Workshop 1: Future at Lloyd’s and Claims Modernisation

Blueprint Two update and discussion: the implications for claims, the timeline for delivery...and what difference will it make  for customers?


  • What are the implications for claims technology and processes in ‘the digital marketplace’?
  • Ensuring the initiatives are executed correctly to avoid being a failure
  • What difference will it make to your claims handlers and your customers?
Kim Darrington
Senior Executive, Market Modernisation
Paul Brady, Head of Policyholder & Third Party Oversight, Lloyd’s
Paul Brady
Head of Policyholder & Third Party Oversight
Peter Payne, Claims Performance Manager, Lancashire
Peter Payne
Claims Performance Manager
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11:00 - 11:50  |  Choose one of the two workshops

Workshop 2: Delivering actionable insight from data

Leveraging data analytics to improve the client experience and enable enhanced decision making


  • Considering appropriate and manageable approaches for implementing data led transformation
  • Overcoming the challenges of accessing siloed data
  • Solutions for storing and protecting data

Followed by a roundtable discussion and benchmarking

Nick Blewden Head of Data Product Development, Digital at Lloyd's
David Charles-Jones
Data Business Partner - Data Analytics
Profile photo of Andrew Johnson Delegated Authority Oversight and Ops Support Atrium
Andrew Johnson
Delegated Authority Oversight and Ops Support
Freddie Marsh
Group Claims – Specialty Lines
Profile photo of Wendy Williamson
Wendy Williamson

Senior Director, Financial Services



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11:50 - 12:10  |  Coffee and networking in the exhibition area

12:10 - 13:00   |  Choose one of the two workshops

Workshop 3: Streamlining delegated authority claims for better customer experience

Delivering an improved and consistent service


  • Establishing a business model that improves customer experience
  • Removing friction to support delivery of a faster claims lifecycle
  • Guidance and tools for moving towards a common market approach

Followed by a roundtable discussion and benchmarking

Lee Elliston, Claims Director, Lloyd’s Market Association
Lee Elliston
Claims Director
Lloyd's Market Association
Jonathan Gormley, Head of Claims, Beat Capital Partners
Jonathan Gormley
Head of Claims
Beat Capital Partners


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12:10 - 13:00  |  Choose one of the two workshops

Workshop 4: Digital claims technology

Leveraging technology to improve the client experience, deliver efficiencies and create an environment for future innovation.


  • Trends and innovations in claims technologies
  • Why is it so difficult to enable technology driven change in the London market and will it be different this time around?
  • Leveraging technology to enable a claims workforce to meet future client expectations
  • Creating an innovative environment to meet client expectations

Followed by a roundtable discussion and benchmarking

Charles Bush, Head of Property and Energy Claims, Zurich
Charles Bush
Head of Property and Energy Claims
Charles Bush, Head of Property and Energy Claims, Zurich
Angus Rogers
Head of Claims Operations
Jakub Wroblewski, LM Practice Lead
Jakub Wróblewski 
LM Practice Lead
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13:00 - 14:00   |  Lunch and networking in the exhibition area

14:00 - 15:00   |   Afternoon plenary panel

Creating a customer-led, claims-centric organisational culture

Evolving claims for the future of work


  • Developing the right values, cultures and behaviours to improve claims performance for clients
  • Managing claims teams in the hybrid working environment
  • Leveraging technologies to transform claims service
  • Having the right skills and capabilities to deliver an exceptional claims service
Louise Day, Director of Operations, International Underwriting Association
Louise Day
Director of Operations
Clare Constable, Claims Director, HDI Global Specialty
Clare Constable
Claims Director
HDI Global Specialty SE
Andrew Walker, Head of Claims, Europe, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
Andrew Walker
Head of Claims, Europe
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
Tim Carter, Vice President Claims, Everest Re
Tim Carter
Vice President Claims
Everest Re


15:00 - 15:30   |  Coffee and networking in the exhibition area

15:30 - 16:20   |  Choose one of the two workshops

Workshop 5: The implications of the BI test case

How the insurance industry got it wrong - and right - in response to Covid 19


  • Mistakes that were made
  • Opportunities for the future
  • Update on guidance for paying claims
Paul Wordley
Wordley Partnership
Ben Bolton
Founder and Managing Director
Gracechurch Consulting
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15:30 - 16:20   |  Choose one of the two workshops

Workshop 6: Cybercrime simulation workshop

Being at the front end of a cyber event AND how to manage the response


  • Myth-busting what cyber is, what is isn’t, and what a policy responds to
  • First response, what is critical in first 24 hours?
  • Explaining the business interruption loss and helping the insured
Sandra Cole
Claims Focus Group Leader – International Cyber
Tony Kriesel, Cyber Claims Handler, Lloyd's Market
Tony Kriesel
Cyber Claims Specialist


16:20 - 17:00   |  Closing panel discussion

Delivering superior claims service and meeting changing client expectations in a hybrid operating environment

Rethinking operating models around evolving workforce dynamics and the organisational challenges thrown up by digital processes, the shift to data-centricity and a service orientated culture.


  • What are the opportunities and threats in a new hybrid model?
  • How are client service expectations changing?
  • How do you manage your brand and reputation in a hybrid operating model?
  • How do you bring along the next generation of claims experts in this new environment? What does that workforce look like?
Fiona Sperry, Head of Complex Claims at QBE Europe
Fiona Sperry
Head of Complex Claims
QBE Europe
Alison Maxwell, Group Claims Director, Munich Re
Alison Maxwell
Group Claims Director
Munich Re
Scott Kellers, Deputy Head of Claims and Head of Syndicate Claims, Liberty Specialty Markets
Scott Kellers
Head of Syndicate Claims, Deputy Head of Liberty Specialty Markets Group Claims
Liberty Specialty Markets
Rebecca Hartley, Head of London Market Claims, Hiscox London Market
Rebecca Hartley
Head of London Market Claims
Hiscox London Market
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17:00  |  Drinks reception

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