TINtech 2022 keynotes executive summary


An executive summary of the keynote presentations at TINtech, held on 11th October 2022, sponsored by EY.


The session featured Preetham Peddanagari EMEIA Digital Insurance Leader at EY, Alan Patefield-Smith, Group CIO at Admiral and Steven Zuanella, Group Digital Officer, Generali, and was facilitated by Jeremy Burgess of The Insurance Network.


Preetham did an excellent job of scene setting by summarising some of the structural challenges facing the industry, and some of the obstacles organisations are encountering when executing digital transformation. Over the last ten years, growth in mature markets has come from pricing increases, rather than being volume driven or driven through increase in risk coverage.

Despite significant investment, productivity improvements have been minimal – indeed 40-45% of European insurers’ productivity declined over that time. From a shareholder return perspective, brokers have delivered far greater shareholder returns than insurers. This structural challenge of flatlining productivity and low/no return on capital in a low growth environment was one that...

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