6th October 2020

Virtual London Market Claims 2020

Seizing the opportunity to transform the claims experience

COVID has supercharged the claims modernisation agenda – now is the time to grasp the opportunity to transform London market claims processes and enhance the client experience.

Both the market (via The future at Lloyd’s initiative) and individual organisations are looking to harness the power of technology and data to improve claims messaging, enable quicker client outcomes, reduce costs and accelerate payments. The key question is HOW do you overcome the operational challenges to achieve these ambitions?

Virtual London Market Claims will provide a series of interactive, online sessions addressing the mission statement of the ‘real world’ London Market Claims conference: “to enhance and improve the claims process to the benefit of all stake holders in the London market claims value chain”.

The format of each session will vary, but they are all ‘live’, interactive and discussion based. Attendees will be able to submit questions and issues to be discussed, both in advance and live on the day. After each session TIN will host a Zoom call where attendees can discuss the session with other participants.




10:00 - 10:40: Keynotes

Strategically transforming London market claims

A new era for excellence in London Market claims handling & changing mindset and skillsets to deliver high impact sustainable change in claims

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Tim Carter
Claims Director
Everest Re
Sian Fisher
Chief Executive Officer
Chartered Insurance Institute
Ian Gibbard
Senior Sales and Account Executive

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11:00 - 11:30: Market perspective

The Insurance Network Gracechurch Report 2020

Where next for London market claims?

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Ben Bolton
Founder and Managing Director
Gracechurch Consulting


12:00 - 12:40: Panel dicussion

The Future at Lloyd's

Claims modernisation and claims strategy in context of the Future at Lloyd’s

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Sheel Sawhney
Group Head of Claims
Philip Godwin
Head of Claims
Lloyd's of London
Julian Millar
Head of Specialty Claims
Lee Elliston
Claims Director
Lloyd's Market Association
Paul Bermingham
Managing Director
Advent Insurance Management

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14:00 - 14:40: Panel discussion

Strategic claims technology

Leveraging technology to enable claims transformation

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Charles Bush
Head of Property and Energy Claims
Clare Constable
Claims Director
HDI Global Specialty
Andrew Walker
Head of Claims, Europe
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI)
Bart Patrick
Managing Director
Duck Creek Technologies

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15:00 – 15:40: Presentation followed by Q&A

FCA BI Test Case

The implications of the High Court’s decision in the FCA Business Interruption Test Case

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Paul Wordley
Wordley Partnership
Ben Bolton
Founder and Managing Director
Gracechurch Consulting

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16:00 – 16:40: Workshop

Transforming claims operations

Building operational resilience & agility in claims

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Angus Rogers
Head of Claims Operations
Simon White
Claims Director
Andy Milburn
Enterprise Sales Manager

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The future of the London market

The 2019 London Market Claims Annual Report looks at how transformational change in the London Market will impact claims. The announcement of a next generation claims initiative in the Lloyd's 'Future at Lloyd's’ strategy has led organisations to review their digital capabilities in readiness for the upcoming changes.

The report focusses on the challenges currently facing claims and the barriers to modernisation and innovation. We also explore some of the implications of The Future at Lloyd’s strategy and how adopting new technology and fostering innovation is crucial to revitalising the claims process.

Based on the results of the London Market Claims 2019 pre-event survey and in-depth research with insurance leaders, the report identifies clear themes both insurers and brokers are keen to discuss:

  • What kind of technology to introduce to add value to the market, rather than heralding change for change’s sake
  • The impact of technology on organisational culture, skills and capabilities
  • How to successfully drive innovation that delivers positive change

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